Military Rings

Military Rings designed to honor active-duty and retired military personnel. The men and women who enlist and serve in the armed forces are the heroes of our nation. The commitment and sacrifices of these enlisted men and women should be recognized and honored. The majority of our Military Rings can be customized to honor the remarkable achievements of these men and women. Branch insignia can be displayed on the sides of the military rings.  Military Rings are often designed with the intention of creating a family heirloom.

There are a hundreds of units and divisions in the military and all of these are well represented.  In the design area of our online shop it’s very easy to create your military ring.   We offer a real opportunity to design, and purchase personalized military rings easily in the comfort of your own home.

military rings

Rings for all units and divisions

Our rings can be designed for active and retired members of any branch of the United States Military. With hundreds of options to select from, you can design a unique custom military ring.  A ring to reflect the history of the career and achievements of a spouse or loved one.  The metals used in the creation of rings determine the retail price. Solid gold military rings are the most expensive and you can expect to pay around $899.00 for these rings.

Simple Guidelines To Follow / PLEASE READ THIS

Here are a few simple rules to follow when making a custom ring; get the size correct, make sure the spelling and dates of service are also correct.


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Military Rings for every branch of the Armed Forces at Military Society Gifts

You can engrave a personal message on the inside band of the military ring.  This message can be 18 characters in length with spaces included. Military Rings  provide the soldier with a great sense of pride and appreciation.  A perfect way to honor the achievements of enlisted and retired soldiers.

Military Rings –  Priced From $199

Like everything else  custom  military rings  vary in price. Depending on the quality of metal you select, this will determine the price you will pay. The design and appearance may be similar in all cases but the elementary difference may be  your choice of Gold or Silver.  Currently a custom made valadium ring will start at $199.00. Gold rings fluctuate in price and  a premium silver ring will cost in the region of $399.00

Military Rings for all Branches.

military rings

Solid Gold & Silver Rings

The military signet rings are very easy to design and purchase. The ring itself is precast with the army eagle on the face. The army eagle can be seen on the Great Seal of the United States.

Other designs can be selected also and these are then cast on the ring.  All you need to add when ordering is the name you would like under the image and the ring size. This ring is available in sterling silver and will be shipped in a beautiful gift box.

Delivery Information

You can have it delivered direct to you at home. You can also have military rings delivered overseas. Delivery is normally 4-5 weeks from date of purchase but please allow an extra week for delivery overseas or to APO’s or FPO’s.

Don’t forget that men and women have been wearing personalized military rings for decades. They are an indication of the loyalty to the service and to the military brotherhood.

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from $199.00

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