Army Rings

Army Rings are created for men and women to commemorate their years spent in the service. Rings can be designed to record achievements and milestones in any soldier’s career.  These men and women of the United States Army spend their time defending our freedom.  They make great sacrifices so that we can live in peace and harmony. Custom made army rings serve to commemorate the bravery of all the members of our forces.

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army rings

Custom Army Rings

We have unique selection of gold and silver rings.  Prices range from $199.00 for the durable metal known as celestrium.

Celestrium can be mixed with Gold or Silver to create a very beautiful ring which can be worn on a daily basis without getting damaged.

Army Retirement Rings
Retirement rings are very popular as a gift at the end of a soldier’s service. It is quite common to mark this specific milestone with  special items of jewelry. The popular choice in this regard is the more expensive Gold Army Rings which are available in White and Yellow Gold. They can be engraved with the dates of service and are truly treasured by those who receive them.

Example Of A Well Designed Army Ring

On both sides of the ring you will be offered the option of personalization and also on the top and inside the ring. The sides can be customized with the branch, division or unit emblems that you have served with during your career. Above the emblems there is a space where you can place your name or a specific date.

custom gold military rings

Example: 1984-2004, this indicates the the wearer of the ring spect twenty years in the service. The creative drop down menu in our shops are easy and user friendly, and will allow you to create  beautiful Army Rings in approximately five minutes.

Military Rings for Units and Divisions

In the Army there are literally hundreds of units and divisions. We can’t say that we have all of them but we certainly have most of the current and popular ones. The divisions such as the 1st Armor Division and 1st Cavalry Division. The Infantry Divisions from the 1st to the 29th are available. The 82nd Airborne, the 101st Airborne and the 173rd Airborne are cast.

We have the branch insignia such as Aviation, Cavalry, Infantry, Military Police Corps, Warrant Officer, Ordnance Corps, Corps of Engineers and the Chaplin’s Corps. If you don’t see the emblem you want in our drop down selector, please contact us for further assistance.

Delivery of Army Rings
Please allow four to five weeks for delivery, and about another week or so for delivery to APO’s and FPO’s

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 2 reviews
by Joan Cressman-Lang on Army Rings
Date: 14/12/2016
State: Florida

It is beautiful, thank you. Have a blessed Christmas and New Years.

Joan Cressman-Lang

by Francis Lawerence on Army Rings
Date: January 2015
State: Aurora, Illinois

The ring is beautiful beyond my wildest expectations, truly a testament to the skill of your craftsmen and the pride which they must take in their work.I cannot but regret my anxious e-mail message sent previously. My eager anticipation of the arrival of the ring was due to the fact that I am 72 years of age and experienced a stroke in the past year. I am feeling very mortal and wished to possess and wear an emblem of my previous service while I may. This is much more information than you need but it was my motivation.
Sarah, please accept my most sincere thanks for my ring, a thing of beauty, and for your cheerful and prompt professional assistance.
Francis L. (Frank) Lawrence