Marine Corps Rings

Marine Corps Rings are designed and made to record the career of a United States Marine. Marine Corps Rings are designed to reflect the traditions and values of active and retired Marines. They are a prized possession of any Marines. Marine Rings often become a great family heirloom.

Design Marine Corps Rings

To design  Marine Corps Rings, you start at the top.  The ring face can be round or rectangular and you can opt to have a stone inserted. The stone can reflect your birthday or unit color and can have a laser design inside. The most popular design is the “Eagle, Globe and Anchor”. Special wording can be cast around the stone to indicate the branch or division. If you are retired this can be shown around the stone. The side emblems can be selected from a drop down menu in the military online shopping area.

To personalize Marine Corps Rings with a sentiment of love you can have something inscribed inside the band. Usually eighteen characters including spaces is acceptable. It is always best to visit a jewelry store to have your fingered sized for you Marine Corps Rings.

marine corps rings

All Marine Corps Rings are available in Gold and Silver

Patriotism of Marines

Marine Corp Rings represent a soldier’s sense of pride and patriotism.  They indicate the love for his country and reflect a special sense of accomplishment.  These marine corps rings serve as a symbol of dedicated service and will be admired by friends and family.

Most manufacturers will allow you to personalize rings with your initials and will even engrave a significant year on either side of your ring at no extra cost. The United States marines have played leading roles in many major conflicts around the world.  Their role in fighting for peace and safety and democracy should never be forgotten.  On many occasions, they have been responsible for the success of a military campaign.  This elite division of the armed forces sees marine corp rings as symbols of their daring, commitment and devotion to the nation and their fellow marines.

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