Marine Corps Rings

The marine corps rings available today can be custom made in gold and silver. They can record the details of any enlisted or retired marine, such as division history, name and rank. They make a unique gift and are a perfect item of jewelry to mark any occasion.


The Custom  Marine Corps Rings are the best option available for personalization.  The ring face can be round or rectangular and you can opt to have a stone inserted. Stones can reflect your birthday or unit color and can have a design inside.

Special wording can be cast around the stone to indicate the branch or division. If you are retired this can be shown around the stone. Inside the band there is an option to engrave something special. Emblems can be selected from a drop down menu in the military online shopping area.

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Gold Marine Corps Rings

Rings represent a marine’s sense of pride and patriotism.  They indicate the love for his country and reflect a special sense of accomplishment.  Gold marine corps rings serve as a symbol of dedicated service and will be admired by friends and family. These are expensive rings and it is important that you take an appropriate amount of time to design one correctly.

Marine Corps Motto
The famous motto of the marine corps Semper Fidelis symbolizes the branches character and commitment. The meaning of this motto is always faithful. When entering battle the resounding cry of semper fi is used. Thus creating the complete band of brothers.

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The United States marines have played leading roles in many major conflicts around the world. Their role in fighting for peace and safety and democracy should never be forgotten. On many occasions, they have been responsible for the success of a military campaign. This elite division of the armed forces sees marine corp rings as symbols of their daring, commitment and devotion to the nation and their fellow marines.


The best way to design a ring, is to get a sheet of paper and a pen. Write down what you want to put on the ring and where you want to place it. When you have this done go to the shopping area and enter the details. The size of the ring is very important and we suggest that you visit a proper jeweler and have you finger sized.

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marine corps ring with red stone

To complete your custom made ring it is very popular to have a design inserted in the stone. Popular designs for the stone are the American Flag and the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. You can see all the selection when you go to Military Online Shopping store.

The United States Marine Corps are a proud group of men and women, they are usually the first to enter battle as a ground assault force. During training they go through the most rigorous details of any branch of the Armed Forces.

Their training is in Camp Pendleton and in Camp Lejeune initially, but during their enlistment there is constant on going training. The marine corps rings we present can be engraved with detail to portray their service in an ideal way.

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