1st Infantry Division known as “The Big Red One” is one of the most historic divisions of the United States Military. The unit has been in service since May 1917. It was constituted from army units serving on the Mexican border and various army posts throughout the United States. The division is currently based in Fort Riley, Kansas.

1st Infantry Division 1917

8th June 1917 was the units first initiation to World War 1 under the command of General William L. Sibert. The first units departed from New York and New Jersey in 14th June towards France and England. Throughout the year soldiers from the U.S used St. Nazaire, France and Liverpool, England as bases. The last batch of men arrived in the respective bases in 22nd December 1917.

By 1918 the Germans had advanced to a proximity of 64 kms from Paris. The 28th Infantry regiment attacked Cantigny a town 45 kilometers away from Paris and captured 250 German soldiers. This was the first American victory of the war. Over 700 men were killed and wounded. By the end of the first world war the division had lost 4,964 soldiers killed in action, 17,201 wounded in the line of action and 1056 missing. For this reason they are also nicknamed as the “The Bloody First” or “The Big Dead One”.

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1st Infantry Division Engagements

During the second world war 1st Infantry Division was redesigned to participate in the war. They joined the world war II officially in 18th November, 1942 and led an invasion of North Africa. A German commander surrendered his 40,000 men of the “Afrika Korps”.

Their notable engagements of WWII are:

1st infantry division
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  • Operation Torch
  • D-day
  • Operation Husky
  • Battle of Hurtgen Forest
  • Battle of Bulge


Their commanders were


  • Clarence Huebne
  • Willard Wyman (Acting) 7 Dec 43
  • Clarence Huebner 14 Dec 43
  • Clift Andrus 11 Dec 44 – 17 Mar 45


On 1st April 1945 the big red marched over 200 kilometers east into Siegen and on the 8th after crossing the Weser River they successfully ended World War II. We can successfully, thank the division for their enormous contribution in ending the world war. The division is still operation to date. To commemorate the achievements of the 1st Infantry Division we have designed unique custom military rings and military swords which can be personalized.

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