23rd Infantry Division rings and history. The 23rd Infantry Division was a part of the American States army, which was commonly referred to as the Americal Division. It was started on the 27th of May, 1942 on New Caledonia making it the first division to be formed outside the United States region.

23rd Infantry Division Activation

What led to the activation of this division was the attack carried out at the Pearl Harbor. The attack on Pearl Harbor was conducted by the Japanese Navy during the World War II era. At inception, the division was under the able leadership of Major General Alexander Patch who requested that the unit be known as the Americal Division, but it’s after the World War II, it was officially known as the 23rd infantry division.

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23rd Infantry Division involvement in Vietnam

On the 25th September, 1967 the Americal Division was reactivated from a combination of units that existed in Vietnam during that time and new units that had come into Vietnam. The division at that time was made up of the 11th, the 196th and the 198th Light infantry brigades. The 196th Light Infantry Brigades was the only unit that had previously operated in Vietnam while the others were new.

The 23rd infantry division suffered a blow in the Battle of Kham Duc in Vietnam during 10th to 12th of May, 1968. But thereafter gave a very commendable performance in the Battle of LoGiang and the Battle of Nui Hoac Ridge. There were numerous personnel that were credited for the victories. It also saw the loss of lives of a vast number of soldiers involved.

23rd Infantry Division Rings

23rd infantry division
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A platoon that was a part of the Americal Division led by a lieutenant by the name William Calley brought shame to the Division. They engaged in slaughtering Vietnamese civilians in March, 1968. The death of the civilians came to be known as the My Lai Massacre. Records estimates the death toll to be between 304 and 500.

The massacre became public knowledge in November, 1969 after journalist Seymour Myron exposed it. An attempt to cover up the massacre was also exposed. 14 officers, the likes of Samuel Koster were charged with covering up the massacre. Eventually the charges were dropped and the individuals involved demoted and stripped of their service medals. At Military Online Shopping you can create commemoration military rings for the 23rd Infantry Division with special dates.

In November of 1971 saw the withdrawal of the 11th and the 198th Infantry Brigades from Vietnam leading to the deactivation of the American Division. The 196th Infantry Brigade was the only unit left in Vietnam until June, 1972. The last major combat unit of the 196th Infantry Brigade was withdrawn on the 29th of June 1972.

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