3rd Infantry Division history from World War 1. Well known and recognized in popular culture by its remarkable “amphibious landing,” the third division of the United States Armed forces holds to the motto of “Rock of the Marne.” Currently stationed in Fort Stewart, this division has been around since World War I in 1917 till today. Through WWI, the division fought along with the French to protect Paris with the American Expeditionary Force to Europe. The division was absorbed by the French command during the war, until re-union in 1918 under General Joseph T. Dickman’s command to take the last blow against the last German offensive of the war.

3rd Infantry Division in Germany

During World War II in 1940, this division’s strength and unity showed as they were one of the few divisions to fight the Axis powers from all European fronts: Italy, France, Germany, and Austria. It was also amongst the first divisions to engage in offensive combat on the ground. The landing at Fedala in 1942 led to its successful capture of half of the former French colony of Morocco. The division advanced northward for the Italy campaign to capture Italy’s Sicily, Torre di Gaffi, Licata town, and Mollarella. With world class commanders throughout the war, the division captured Hitler’s retreat at Berchtesgaden.

In contemporary times, with the help of technology, this division has earned the nickname of “mechanized rock of the marne.” The heavy armored division’s most current engagements have been in line with the global war on terror. The division has in the Iraqi Freedom campaign since 2004.

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This division’s awe-inspiring history grants it just as much recognition. For the men and women who fought and lost their lives for the safety of our country and liberty of those around the world, we owe much gratitude. For admirers, patriots, and relatives alike, taking pride and recognizing this division is an honor. With our military shop, you can purchase memento that expresses your gratitude. Available in our shop are t-shirts, caps, mugs, license plates, and many more merchandise. Our t-shirts have messages of gratitude to this 3rd Infantry Division.

Supporting Our Troops

Supporting of our troops and their effort has never been easier. We offer quality merchandise that expresses our appreciation of their efforts. One of our favorite mementos is the custom made gold military rings for the divisions with name and rank. These rings have deep meaning for those who appreciate the efforts of the division. We can customize the ring with wording to indicate the service branch and the years of operation. There are many other elements of the 3rd Infantry Division to talk about but the above is an insight with this respect.

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