Air Force Ring for a man or woman in Gold or Silver reflects pride, passion and loyalty to one of the great branches of our Armed Forces. Over the centuries these well trained and highly disciplined have defined the principles of training and commitment.

The Air Force Ring is the one piece of jewelry that can be precisely customized with a name, a date, a unit or branch emblem, and a sentiment can also be engraved inside the band of the ring up to eighteen characters long. Some of the popular side emblems that you can select from are Logistics, Communications, the Air Force emblem and Air Mobility Command. There are literally hundreds of emblems to select from thus allowing you to create a personalized masterpiece.

Designing an Air Force Ring

If you look at any ring it will soon become apparent the areas which can be personalized. There are approximately seven areas which can be personalized and these are as follows;

The Stone
Here you can select a color that will represent the month of birth or maybe the unit or division color.

air force ring

Inside The Stone
The Air Force Logo is the most popular selection or the Air Force Flying Falcon.

The Wording around the Stone
There are at least six standard wordings to choose from, such as United States Air Force, Air Force and U.S. Air Force.

The Left Shank
Here you can make a selection from the dropdown menu, and when you have this complete, you can add text above the emblem to further enhance the personalization

The Right Shank
This will be designed from the dropdown menu with a different emblem than the one chosen for the left side. A word of caution, the sides on an air force ring can never be the same, as there is only one cast for each emblem and a ring is cast with both side emblems at the same time.

Inside The Band of the Ring
These rings are known as wide band rings, hence there is space to engrave a maximum of eighteen characters including spaces.

air force rings
Air Force Rings in Gold and Silver
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