Armed Forces Rings 1775 enable soldiers and their families to commemorate their service and commitment to their duty in the US Military. All rings are available for customization in several areas of the ring. The top, the sides and inside the band can be personalized.

Custom Armed Forces Rings 1775

In Roman and Egyptian empires rings were a symbol of military honor until they became a symbol for societal status. In the middle Ages, they became popular throughout Europe and were often used as seals for various documents. Military rings signified the soldier’s social standing and it was a privilege to wear them. Romans and Greeks wore them as a sign of military prowess.
Military rings first appeared within the US Military back in 1835,  as cadet class rings presented at commissioning ceremonies. Back then, the officer cadets designed their own rings which were purchased and made to order at the individual’s own private expense. In 1837 the custom of military rings caught on at the Military Academies. Every academy graduate or class member was presented with a ring to celebrate their class graduation which they wore on throughout their career to signify the cadet class they belonged to.
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Armed Forces rings really became popular within the US Military during WW2 when Lloyd Garfield Balfour who had a successful jewelry company supplying class rings to the US colleges was requested to create one for the US military to celebrate victory in Europe and the pacific, the demand for these rings has remained ever since

Balfour Armed Forces Ring 1775
Today Balfour’s armed forces military retirement rings are worn by all ranks, commissioned and non-commissioned as well as private soldiers, they are a perfect way to show your pride in your military service. There are a lot of rings to choose from, whether it’s the Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Army or Marine Corps. Military rings also signify what the wearer has achieved thought-out their career; including the units they have served in as well as what overseas missions they have completed.

Balfour are known throughout the Armed Forces as one of the finest rings available. They have impeccable styling with the finest attention to detail and crafted using superior materials. This craftsmanship is used to create beautiful military rings that truly symbolize your service, sacrifice and commitment. Because of their incredible quality and craftsmanship we exclusively deal in Balfour military rings only.

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