The role of the Commander in Chief of the military. The U.S. Constitution at article ii section 2, the commander in chief clause, provides that the president is the commander in chief of the Navy and Army of the United States as well as the Militia of the several states.
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There has been various debates on this clause throughout the American history.Some scholars argue that the clause confers expansive powers on the president. Others tend to construe the clause narrowly. Those who think that the clause does not confer expansive powers on the president attempt to explain.

They try to think of alternative reasons as to what the intentions of the founders might have been when. They assert that the founder’s intention was to give the title to the president so as to preserve civilian power over the military.

In the thick of this debate is the question of whether the president has the power to use the military without Congressional declaration of war.

The American Commander in Chief is the President

The actions of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon of committing U.S. Military troops to Southeast Asia without the approval of Congress jolted Congress to action to pass the War Powers Resolution. The Resolution’s aim was to halt the erosion of the ability of Congress to participate in the making of decisions regarding to war.

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That aside, again and again the U.S. Military and Navy has proven its commitment to the Nation and to the American people by going into combat when called for to protect American interests. Their devotion, loyalty and patriotism has been exemplary. The American public has often rewarded active soldiers and veterans in kind.

Service in the military has always been a selling point for any presidential contestants.  In recent times the American public doesn’t seems to be loosing the appetite for foreign wars. But still, civilians can order custom military rings for a person they believe has served their country well.

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