custom army ringsCustom Army Rings will bear witness to your active service in the military. Rings can be personalized to reflect your commitment and loyalty after you have retired. Beyond the uniform, custom army rings can be worn in civilian dress thus communicating the accolades of military achievements.

Army rings keep front and foremost in your mind your specific levels of involvement and areas of participation.  The rings are keepsakes that retain meaning far deeper than the casual observer might catch.

A particular symbol or an engraved quote can remind you of the strong camaraderie and success shared with your band of brothers. Very few outside the military can even think about the bonds that tie soldiers together.

Custom Army Rings Options

Since they are custom made to order, army rings vary widely in design. The overall look is determined by your personal preferences. Precious metals of gold and silver take on special meaning when forged into shapes and designs that are tokens of your own military experience.

If you wish to include a lustrous gem, perhaps inlaid with a particular insignia, be sure to select a ring base that will allow for it. All our expensive gold and silver rings are made with a solid back and this adds to the weight of the ring.

gold army rings

Custom army rings can harken back to an entire regiment or just the guys in the barracks that you were close to. The evoke memories that have possible lasted over twenty years. The average full service in the military lasts up to 20 years. Over that period there are certain to be lots of trials and tribulations.


You can show your rank or special status or other designation. With the high-quality exacting detail possible with custom army rings, you can include engravings inside the bands and expressions that capture forever the memorable moments of your time served.

Celebrate Your Service With Custom Army Rings

Show your commitment to the Army Strong with custom army rings that display your devotion with pride, and remind you of your military achievements.

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