Eclipse Military Rings

Eclipse Military Rings are precious in every sense of the word. As an exemplary jeweler dedicated to customer satisfaction, we stay ahead of the pack by offering products that capture the essence of a lifetime sentimental memento. Our custom military rings are designed to capture memories, dreams and aspirations of a soldiers. In particular periods of service in the US Army. Army rings reflect your loyalty and pride to the Armed Forces by bearing either date, rank, war zone or the division you served. Since 1835 wearing custom military rings has been a tradition in the US Army making military rings an authentic symbol of honor.

Eclipse Military Rings Scientifically Coated In Black

Introducing the eclipse military rings, our brand new line of custom made jewelry. Rings engraved with your profound details is available for both male and female soldiers. Designed in a dome curvature. This class of rings is cut out to comfortably fit the wearer and is available in three ultra-polish finishes. Engraved with military emblems and logos. The eclipse military rings display tactical units of the US Army. These can be cavalry, field artillery, engineers or officers.

We realize the fact that a customized military ring is a personalized item that represents the intimate times of service of a soldier. The newly introduced eclipse military ring is no different. We are ardent to ensure that every single ring churned out from our online shop is a unique representation and reflection of the client’s expectations. We give our clients the opportunity to design their eclipse military rings by following these simple steps:

eclipse military rings

The Steps To Designing A Perfect Ring

1. Write a list of information about yourself which includes your name, the tactical unit you served, combat zone, date, rank or any other details you want included.
2. Prioritize the most important information you wish to have engraved on the customized military ring. A ring is a small ornament and can allow up to a maximum of 18 characters.
3. Choose the size and type of metal finish you want on your ring. You can do this by checking out the available options offered on our website.
4. Our dedicated customer care team will get in touch with you in the shortest possible time frame if there are any queries.
5. We  design the ring based on the information you submitted or any changes you want effected.
5. Once you have processed the payment, we will commence work and finish the jewelry within a 4 weeks window period.
6. The customized military ring will be delivered to the required address.


Our prices represent quality and value at all times. A customized eclipse military ring is a collaborative process of art that marries off exclusive craftsmanship with heartfelt memoirs of a national hero. The eclipse military ring is masterpiece jewelry from us by you.

us military rings

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