Joining the Navy and what it entails. When it comes to serving your president, king or country nothing fits the shoe better than joining the United States Navy. The Navy is a branch of the military that is specifically meant for defending the country from water-bound attacks. It is one of the most vital defense strategies considering most silent and deadly attacks on any country are well executed via water bodies.

The most commonly posed questions by people aspiring to join the US Navy include: What are the qualifications for joining the Navy? What’s the process of being recruited as an officer? How long will I be required to serve? What benefits do I get for serving my country as a Navy personnel, whether as an officer or as enlisted person? This article seeks to simplify that process, and assure you that joining the Navy is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Daniel A Gilligan will attest to that.

Joining The Navy Today

The qualifications for joining the US Navy are pretty simple. However it depends on several factors including: whether or not you have served before (If one has prior military experience), whether you want to enroll as a full time. Active duty Officer or part time or as a part time duty Reservist and how long you expect to serve in whichever rank. This will allow you to weigh your options and skillfully decide.

Anyone with no prior military experience will be required to satisfy a bit more qualifications than a previously enlisted one. For starters, age is a great factor when looking to be enlisted in the navy. Any aspiring enlisted navy sailor is required to be at least 17 years old, but not older than 34. Hopefuls under 18 years old require parental consent. An aspiring navy officer must, however, be younger than 35 but at least 19 years of age.

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Qualifications For Joining The Navy

Another qualifying consideration to join the US Navy is citizenship. To serve as an officer, one must be a US citizen. To serve as an Enlisted Sailor, one must be a US citizen or a US resident with a permanent residence visa or an Alien Registration Green Card and has also established a home of record in the US or a bona fide residence. An aspiring navy recruit must also (though not necessarily), show proof of a stable financial background. To be Navy sailor, one is required to have at least studied to the high school level and attained a GED, or met other high school equivalence.

A US Navy officer hopeful on the other hand, must also have done a four year BS or BA degree from an accredited university with good grades. The Navy doesn’t allow hopefuls with two or more dependents under the age of 18. A single parent can, however, be allowed to join the navy. The US Navy does not under any circumstances allow for drug or substance abuse among its members.

Joining The Navy Tests

During preliminary stages of recruitment, one is required to take two urinalysis tests. One is also vetted to confirm prior abuse of alcoholic and drug substances. In addition to all that, the navy will of course check for existing criminal records such as traffic offense history. An aspirants medical status is also be checked. Applicants with chronic illnesses are turned down due to the nature of their medical history. Active duty service time in the Navy
depends on many factors such as your aspiring rank in the navy, your personal interests and your background. For enlisted positions, one requires a prior service commitment of at least four years depending on the duration of training. Officer positions call for a slightly shorter time of active duty service (three to five years).

Navy Rings For Pride

Any aspiring navy enlistee is required to undergo rigorous training both physically and mentally. A new recruit joining as an Enlisted Sailor first attends Recruit Training, also known as Boot Camp. Those joining as Officers can either join via the Naval Academy whereupon they attend Officer Candidate School or Officer Development School. Upon completion, the recruits are given Navy Graduation Rings. These Navy rings are jewelry crafted by the famous Jostens Company to retell the story of the US Navy. Through each completion or rise of rank within the US Navy, a person serving is given a Navy Graduation ring. Well, there you have it. Pretty simple to join the US Navy and serve you country in ways unimaginable.

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