Kansas is a US state located in the Midwestern United states. This state got its name from the Kansa tribe which inhabited the area. The state was initially inhabited by American Europeans. People living in the eastern side of the state lived in villages along the river valleys while those on the western side were nomadic pastoralists. Today, Kansas is one of the most productive agricultural regions in US. It is the 15th most extensive state and 34th most populous in United States. The state is bordered by Colorado on the west, Missouri on the east, Nebraska on the north and Oklahoma on the south. The population of Kansas state is estimated to be 2,893,957. White American takes a big percentage of this population while Black American, American Indian, Asian American and Native Hawaiian and other races take the rest.

Military Bases in Kansas State

There are three main military bases in Kansas state; McConnell AFB, Fort Leavenworth and Fort Riley.  Fort Riley and Fort Leavenworth are army bases. McConnell AFB is one of the few military bases in United States with a clear goal of air refueling activities for all types of aircrafts. This air force base is located in Sedwick County, in the Southern part of the State. The base is named after two brothers from Wichita who fought in World War II.

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Fort Leavenworth and Fort Riley

This army base is located near Kansas City in Kansas State. This base is more than two centuries old and it is by far the oldest army base in the Western side of Washington D.C. The base was previously named the Intellectual Center of the US Army. Fort Riley is one of the largest military installations in US. This Army base houses over 25,000 people and covers sq.km. The base is so large that it has its own zip code. The base spreads in two counties, Geary and Riley. It is named after Bennett C. Riley, an army general who protected several escorts in Santa Fé Trail and led several armies.

Custom military rings the Armed Forces in Kansas State

People who have worked in the military can design their own rings to tell their story and accomplishments while in the military. Active members can also design these rings to tell their story in the forces so far. The ring can be created to cover a variety of events. Some of the custom militar rings that you can find in the market include the Army Independance Ring, the Air Force Combat Ring, Air Force Signet Ring, Army Combat Ring and Air National Guard Ring among others.

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