Louisiana State is quite a populated area ranking at position 25 out of the 50 states of America. Its population is about 4.6 million according to the population survey in 2013. The state houses quite a number of military bases for the purpose of security. The large numbers of people requires that the place has a massive security force. America is greatly concerned with the security of all her citizens in all states. There are 4 military bases for the armed forces in this state. The Air Force Base is at Barksdale AFB. This military facility is located to the northwester area of Louisiana State and just about 7km away from Bossier City. The base trains professional pilots on great combat skills.

Army Bases in Louisiana State

The army bases are two. One is at Camp Beauregard while the other is at Fort Polk. Fort Polk is located in Vernon Parish 7 miles from the city of Leesville which has a population of 6700. Camp Beauregard currently provides training for the Louisiana National Guard. It is an old base dating back to World War 1. This base is a good starting point for those who intend to start a military career. This base responds to emergencies for natural disasters, state and federal emergencies.

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The navy base is at the Joint Reserve Base New Orleans in Louisiana State. This base is bordered by water on 3 sides including the Mississippi River to the eastern side. Several online stores offer military shopping at great discounts. These services are available to active members in the military, retired military, veterans, spouses and their families. The shopping services include meals, clothing, household items and many other things that you would wish to purchase. Fitness memberships are also available for both military and veterans. Amazingly you can also get discounts on bridal wear for your weddings. American Family Insurance also offers insurance cover to active members and veterans who have a lapse in their insurance at lower premiums.

Military Rings in Louisiana State

Custom military rings are also available and other personalized presents for your special occasions such as retirements, anniversaries and even weddings among others. These military rings can be customized to your individual need whether you are in the army, navy or the air force. They are available in gold and silver to fit your needs. In the rings it can be inscribed your ranks, dates and even the military branch. Do some online shopping for items that will constantly remind you how great your work is or was.

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