Marine Corps Semper Fidelis reflects the motto of the bravest men and women on the planet. Personalized and uniquely designed marine corp rings can become the special piece of jewelry that stands for diverse challenges encountered in the line of duty.  It serves as a reminder of shared adventures and hard won victories.  Many wear their rings as an act of well deserved pride and achievement.  It serves as a symbol of honor and dedication over a lifetime of military service.

Handcrafted marine corp rings are often made of tough stainless steel.  Marine Corps Rings are also crafted from gold, copper and other precious metals. Many rings feature the marine corp emblem of an eagle, globe and anchor, along with the text “United States Marines“.  Unique insignias or logos also grace some marine corp rings. They are representative of the branch served in.  Some have “Marine Corp Semper Fidelis” engraved on their rings.

Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Motto

If you’re thinking about buying one of these rings as a gift for yourself or a loved one. Consider the metal it is made from, the words and images engraved on your ring, and the size.  Different styles of marine corp rings provide a range of options. Classic signet rings engraved with emblems or insignias, to simple rings with semi-precious stones set into the metal.

Custom Marine Corps Rings

Sometimes, the top of the rings were made of precious stone rather than metal. The sides can be engraved or inlaid with jewels.  Gold marine corps rings have evolved to have the branch of service image on top. Infantry, Engineers, Artillery, among other emblems can be engraved on the sides also.

Several gold military rings have the designation of a distinct unit and presented to someone who has completed his or her exceptional training.  Navy Seals, Marine Recon and Special Forces take pride in wearing rings. Anyone who graduates from West Point Academy, Naval Academy, Air force Academy, or any military academy will have a distinctive camaraderie with his or her fellow students. By the ring they wear they are instantly recognizable.

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