military artillery ringsMilitary Artillery Rings for all divisions and units and a little bit of history about the U.S Army Coast Artillery Corps.  Historically, the U.S Army Coast Artillery Corps was the Corps level organization that was  responsible between the years 1901 and 1950 to defend US’s coast and harbors.

Because of  the rapid advances in weaponry and various techniques used, the coastal defenses were  separated from the field artillery, and in 1907 the Congress separated the Field Artillery  Branch and Coast Artillery, and created the Coast Artillery Corps which has 170 companies.

So where do Artillery Corps rings come into play?  It’s a well known tradition for military rings to be worn since 1835 by all United States Military  Academy senior cadets, which later became the most historically significant names in the  military history. You could say that military rings in particular and Army Corps rings in  general have a long history with the military, and you can’t simply dismiss it.


Custom Military Artillery Rings

Today, military artillery rings can be customized to a great extent, which makes it  easy to use them as graduation or retirement gifts. There are a few parts  in every ring that can be customized, and that you should keep in mind  when you’re customizing Artillery Corps rings. First of all, the stone. The stone can be either simple, diamond shaped,  or laser vue.

Laser vue means that an engraving is inside of the stone;  you can customize it with either the branch insignia or with the American  flag (these are the two most used customizations but you can have  anything you can imagine). The wording around the stone is also  customizable (most people go for the “United States Army”) as are  the sides and the inside of the ring.

The sides of the ring usually hold the name of the soldier and unit insignia  on a side, and on the other side you can add the years of service or the tours of duty and their dates.  The inside of the ring can be customized with any text you want as long as it’s 18 characters long with  spaces included. Why a ring for a Corps that doesn’t exist anymore?  Because you either want to honor one of your family members who was a part of the Artillery Corps or,  because, if you’re lucky enough, you have a family member who is still alive and was a proud member  of the Corps, and customized Artillery Corps rings are one of the best gifts you could give.

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