[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Military Rings Alaska have the ability to offer custom designed rings to all military personnel in this most northern state. Alaska is a place of utter beauty and remote wilderness like nothing else in the United States. With national preservation’s and a host of cities, nature in all its glory is what visitors come to see.

Alaska is a mixture of deep inlets, glacier topped mountains and wonderful woodlands.Visit Tongas National Forrest which is a temperate rain forest, or Glacier National Park, which is home to 20 active glaciers.

Military Rings Alaska visits Anchorage

The south central area of Alaska is the most densely populated region and is host to farms and fishing communities, ski resorts, national parks and the city of Anchorage. The city of Anchorage offers all the facilities of any other major city in the United States. Visit Kenai Fjords National Park and Wrangell St. Elias National Park for an extraordinary experience. In the south west of Alaska you can see how the Eskimo and Aleut survive and live along with brown bears and rare birds. The landscape of Alaska is diverse and varies from grassland to the world’s largest archipelago, the Aleutian Islands.

military rings alaska
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Mount Kinley is the tallest mountain in the United States and is encircled by Denali National Park and is situated in the center of Alaska You can expect to see on your visit to Alaska wildlife such as Moose, Caribou deer and Dall sheep. If you want to view the norther lights the best place to go is Fairbanks.

Military Rings Alaska – List of Bases

  • Clear Air Force Station.
  • Eielson Air Force Base. Near Fairbanks.
  • Elmendorf Air Force Base – see air force rings for U.S Air Force.
  • Fort Richardson, headquarters for U.S. Army, Alaska and the 1st Battalion Airborne.
  • Fort Wainwright home to the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade. www.wainwright.army.mil
  • Military Rings Alaska are proud to support all active and retired military personnel.

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