Military Rings Australia designs rings that conveys a message and commemorates a career. The message can be an indication of the branch you served with and some personal details like your name and dates of service.

Custom Military Rings Australia

These rings commemorates your willingness to fight, in support of a just cause and for the protection of national freedom. In some cases this may be so vigorous, that it may end in the loss of life.

Military Rings Australia – Armed Forces

The soldiers who make up the units and divisions of the armies are recruited by officers on a daily basis. You have to medically fit and also physically fit. The military is not a place for the faint hearted. After the interviews and the selection process, the recruit enters boot camp and extensive training begins. The entire focus on training is to get the soldier ready for combat, and this can take a few months.

military rings australia
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The military rings we produce are based on the United States Military rings and you can use some of the side emblems to indicate the position you hold within your branch. The rings come in Gold and Silver and can be enhanced by selecting various colors fro the stone on top of the military rings Australia.

History of the Australian Army

The Army of Australia goes right back to colonial days, before the Federation of Australia which was in 1901. Between 1899 and 1900 a number of the colonial elements were united together. This unification formed the Australian Army and Military that we have today. The Defence Act of 1903 officially united the Commonwealth Forces.

The Australian Military have been involved in all Global Campaigns, such as the World War One and Two, The Korean War, The Vietnam War and the War in the Gulf. It is a fact that Australia was one of the first countries that provided assistance during the United States led invasion of Iraq. The provision of 2000 troops was invaluable during this campaign. They provided training to the Iraqi troops during the transition period. Troops were withdrawn from Iraq in 2008.

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