Military Rings Virginia are honored and proud to deliver custom made rings to all service personnel in the state of Virginia. We can create rings to commemorate any important milestone in the life of an enlisted or retired military person. The possibility of designing a beautiful historic ring in Gold or silver has never been easier.

Military Rings Virginia – Explore Virginia

Virginia is a state that is steeped in history. Since the early settlers landed in 1607 at Jamestown, the state has been involved in many battles and other historic events. Patrick Henry was involved in the revolution at Saint John’s church at Richmond during the Civil War. We suggest that you visit Petersburg the scene of some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Places like Fredericksburg and Manassas should also be included in your state visit, as they are also full of historic sites. It’s amazing that seven of our Presidents have resided in Virginia.

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Most places in Virginia are very close to Washington, D.C. and if you have the time, hire a car and take the trip. The Hampton Roads area of Norfolk is home to thousands of United States Navy personnel and here you can see some of the Navy carriers like the USS Stennis sail away on deployments. It’s a fascinating place and important for naval defense. Virginia is not just known for it’s military and historic appeal. There are wonderful restaurants and nightclubs in places like Virginia beach. Enjoy the hospitality of this wonderful state and its inhabitants.

Military Rings Virginia – Fort Lee

Fort Lee, just south of Richmond is situated in a little town called Hopewell. The base is home to the ” Combined Arms Support Command, the Quarter,aster Center and School, the Defense Commissary Agency, Army Logistics Management College, the Army Information Systems Development Center-Lee and reserve units. The base offers dining and retail facilities, temporary military lodging and family support center.

List of Bases in Virginia

  • Camp Elmore at Norfolk,
  • Camp Pendleton Army National Guard at Virginia Beach,
  • Dam Neck Annex, Oceana Naval Air Station at Virginia Beach
  • Davison Army Airfield at 6970 Britten Drive Fort A.P. Hill, Army and reserve training center.
  • Fort Belvoir – Army management staff.
  • Fort Eustis – the army transportation center.
  • Fort Lee -see above.
  • Fort Monroe -training center for U.s. Army Reserve Officers.
  • Fort Myer -3rd Infantry (old guard).
  • Fort Pickett at Blackstone.
  • Fort Story – stay at the Cape Henry in located there.
  • Langley Air Force Base – visit website for more information
  • Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base at Norfolk
  • Norfolk Naval Station at 1530 Gilbert Street, Norfolk ( COM Atlantic Fleet ) and the world’s largest Naval Station
  • Oceana Naval Air Station at Tomcat Blvd.

These are some of the Army and Naval bases the Military Rings Virginia have chosen to list. Custom military rings are available to reflect your time spent in units and division here in the state.military rings shopping


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