Military Signet Rings

Military Signet Rings formed part of military history since the time of the Greeks. Distinguished military officers wore military signet rings to represent victory and achievements.  These days signet rings represent the different units of the military, the army, marines, navy and air force, with their distinct colors and emblems.

Military Signet Rings are a source of pride and unity for members of these military units.  A signet ring will always be a treasured piece of jewelry. It’s  one of the popular ways of recognizing the honor and valor of the men and women in the military.

Choose from a gold or silver signet ring.  Have the name of the military unit engraved on the ring. Customize the ring by placing initials, nicknames, unit number or other special symbols.


These can be engraved on the top with the family name or relevant dates.  Create the military signet ringsring for a loved one in the military as a birthday gift.  Make a signet ring for members of your command team to encourage unity and trust.

A signet ring is a good way of boosting the morale of team members, especially on the field. The signet ring fosters loyalty, unity and trust. Use the colors and emblem of your military unit.

A unique symbol, which distinguishes the team, adds value to the ring for team members.  Recognize individual members by having their initials or nickname engraved on the ring. Give the rings to each member before field operations or after a tour of duty.


Design unique military signet rings for active and retired service personnel in recognition of their unique achievements is just wonderful. Apart from stringent military training in the academy, the performance of a unit and the safety of its members in the field depend on tactical planning and support from superior officers. With lives on the line, a good leader deserves recognition.

US Army Signet Rings

united states army signet rings
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Talk with your unit members to decide on a gold or silver ring as well as the emblem to be engraved on the top of the ring. Present the signet ring to your officer after a tour of duty, when being given recognition by the government, or during retirement.

US Marine Corps Signet Ring

marine corps signet rings available in gold and silver
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Create a signet ring for a comrade in the military as a token of respect and loyalty. Reliance on comrades is inevitable in the military. Soldiers cover each other’s backs. Many risk their lives for rescue missions. To give military signet rings as a gift is a great gesture and recognizes the value of those who enlist in the military service.

US Navy Signet Rings

US Navy Signet Ring in silver and 10k solid gold
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Engrave Your Ring

Personalize your ring by engraving your name or date inside the band. There is an option to engrave up to 18 characters.

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