Military Warships of the United States Navy illustrates their power at sea and around the world since the 20th century. These mighty warships evolved from simply built merchant ships. These were manned by spearmen and powered mainly by oarsmen. The wind sails and were very dangerous to travel in during storms and wild seas. The warships that we sea leaving on deployment these days range from, aircraft carriers, submarines, battleships and destroyers.

Normally during peacetimes, these might warships travel around the world overseas and under seas. They go unnoticed by the general public and rarely enter the news headlines.

Over the last three decades images have been beamed around the world by satellite of these military warships engaging in conflicts far away from the homeland. Operation Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm was perhaps two of the first times  we saw first hand what these military warships are capable of.

Military Warships used in Operation Enduring Freedom were strategically positioned in the Indian Ocean.  Hundreds of miles away from Afghanistan equipped with missiles and bombs that could be directed at targets with pinpoint accuracy.

The United States Navy use their mighty carriers to largely assist and support land strategy during conflicts. They campaigns and they are superior to any other Navy in the world. This was reflected during the more recent campaigns in the Middle East.

us navy carriers - military warships

USS Midway – Military Warship

Some of the great warships like the USS George Washington (SSBN 598) was one of the first nuclear powered submarines and a leader in technology. The famous USS Midway (CV 41) which can now be seen in San Diego Bay. These are great examples of the evolution of modern military warships. After the attack on Pear Harbor by the Japanese the United States reviewed their position with regard to Naval Bases.

As a result some of the finest warships on the oceans around the world have been created. We must never forget that it was an American that was successful in designing a plane that could take off from sea. They also pioneered landing on a moving ship. In 1909 on the warship Birmingham, Mr Eugene Ely flew his Curtis bi-plane from it and created his place in history and then two years later he landed on the Pennsylvania.

Their was a huge dependency of military warships after the first world war to assist the other departments of the military in terms of carrying bombs, soldiers and other equipment in a fast and secure manner.

A List of Military WarShips

USS Enterprise (CV-6) was launched in 1934 and was involved in the battle of the Coral Sea in 1942
The USS Wasp one of the early ones, was the last aircraft carrier made prior to the United States entering World War  Two.
USS Hornet (CV-8) launched in 1941, and was sunk in 1942
The USS Yorktown (CV-5) was sunk after the Battle of Midway in 1942
USS Independence (CV-62)
The USS Nimitz (CV-68)
USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)
USS Ranger (CV-61)

We should be very thankful to the sailors who man these ships on a daily basis, and leave their families for deployments on distant shores. Never forget those who never returned and are buried at sea. There are beautiful Navy Rings and military rings which can be customized with any of the aircraft emblems and personalized with your name rank and other details.

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