Custom Navy Rings

Custom Navy Rings are tradition in nature and were first designed for Navy sailors who are retiring or being promoted.  Popular choice of Navy Rings are the solid gold rings. These rings are available in White or Yellow Gold. The visual effect can be natural or aged antique.

Personalized Custom Navy Rings

Valadium is also available for custom navy rings. This material is a jewelers metal that has been mixed with silver or gold to create a ring very similar in look to the more expensive metals.  Personalized Navy Rings vary in cost, but if you budget for between $200 and $950 you will definitely have enough to create a beautiful ring.

custom navy rings


When selecting your custom navy rings, remember to select styles that epitomize your naval journey. You can design your navy rings to be as majestic as the seas you’ve sailed or as subdued as a ripple of water on a clear night.

Since they’re tailor-made, these rings will fit you perfectly if sized correctly. The will feel great on your hand and pump your heart with pride


First decide on what metal you would prefer your custom navy rings to be made of.  Whatever you select you can be assured of high quality and matchless craftsmanship. This will create an enduring symbol of your service for a lifetime of appreciation.

navy rings

Signet rings are generally more simple in overall design. For a more ornate look, consider classic custom navy ring designs, which typically include semi-precious stones encircled with text and creations of your choice. In the sample below, you can view the detail of a well designed ring. You can can have a design set in the stone also. To have this you must select a fireflare option. The facet cut distorts the image so we don’t advise this selection if you want an image inserted.

The sides of classic style custom navy rings are flanked with insignia and details that honor specific aspects and experiences of your time as a sailor. You may want to commemorate a particular beach party or amphibious assault, indicate your rating or note your membership in one of the elite groups.

custom gold navy rings
navy seal rings
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