personalized military ringsPersonalized Military Rings are a great way of remembering and honoring the years of service. That’s one reason why they are so much appreciated.  They are the perfect gift solution for a loved one to celebrate a retirement or promotion.

However, the question isn’t whether you should buy a simple generic military ring or a customized one. The advantage of  purchasing a customized one is, you can completely personalize the ring with all relevant details.

The generic one is really just for the branch and there is no option to enter text or change emblems.

The choice can be a difficult one, not because of monetary issues, but rather due to the fact that you want to make sure that you get the perfect gift. If you are choosing a personalized ring then you need to know how to customize the ring in such a way that will suit the person’s character and their individual military characteristics.

So generic military rings are well suited in the situation where you want to give a simple gift. The only thing that you need to know in this case is probably the unit, division or brigade where they are currently serving. All of these elements can be reflected in the a basic generic ring.

Custom Personalized Military Rings

personalized military ringsOf course, with personalized military rings, you can truly express all the love and pride you have for your loved one. You can choose the laser vue fireflare option which allows you to have logos engraved in the stone.  Your loved one’s unit’s emblem or the American flag can also  be put on the sides of the ring.

Something that’s extremely appreciated by most people when it comes to Personalized Military Rings is the fact that you can write an individual message inside the ring. A personal sentiment of encouragement and admiration. Many customers put their name or an anniversary date inside.

Metal Choices

The company processes rings in a range of colors and metals. This is usually dependant on the budget available. Gold Rings with a solid back will start around $899. Silver Rings will begin at approximately $249.00

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