Rings for Drill Sergeants can be custom made. Drills sergeants are non commissioned officers that are very important within the military. This is because they dedicate themselves to training our soldiers to the highest standards. It’s their dedication that ensures our soldiers leave basic training as competent professionals who are ready for a challenging career in the military.

Different titles within the military for what is essentially the same job. Before rushing and buying the first military ring that you lay your eyes on, you should know that Drill Sergeants is a rank that has many variations in other branches of the military, this term is a common term given to drill instructors in the Army alone.

Rings For Drill Sergeants Vary.

But perhaps the person you want to give the gift is in the Navy, then we’re talking about Recruit Division Commanders, and if the rings for drill sergeantsperson is in the Air Force, they are called Military Training Instructors; the US Coast Guard uses “Company Commanders” and the Marine uses “Marine Corps Drill Instructor”.   Why is important to know that?  Because being military means that you take pride in your rank. There’s a saying “once a Marine, always a Marine”.  Keep this in mind! As getting a Drill Sergeant Ring for someone who’ is an instructor in the Navy might not be totally suitable.

Customize your Rings for Drill Sergeant Rings

It’s needless to say that if you want to make the ring special, then you should customize it. There are plenty of customization options for military rings, drill sergeant rings included, so you can make sure that you tailor fit the ring for the particular person you’re buying it for.

Having the rank, name, years of service, flag and a special engraved message will do great honor to all rings for drill sergeants. So keep these aspects in mind when you’re shopping for drill sergeant rings and you’ll get a perfect gift that will be much appreciated!

The military ring can also have the soldier’s name engraved on one side just below the unit’s insignia, and an additional text on the other side (you can put the military school’s name and or date of graduation).

Naturally, inside the military ring you can add a more personal message, but it has to be within the limits of 18 characters with spaces included.

How to order a customized military ring?
You can order your chosen ring here online in three easy steps ( all major credit cards accepted ), then have it shipped direct to your soldier no matter where they are deployed around the world. Shipping normally takes 5 weeks from date of purchase.

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