The signal corps is a branch of the military that is responsible for all military communications. Every army in the world has a Signals Corps. This corps is one level lower than the army. Information is critical to any military mission. The troops must receive accurate and effective information as fast as possible. The Signal Corps ensure that this happens in real time.

This corps ensures that the troops on the ground receive reliable information as rapidly as possible. They also maintain the information management systems such that the troops can communicate with each other. The signal corps are responsible for dissemination of communication. They also handle the visualization, automation, printing, publication and management of communication records.

Members of the Signal provide information to the global networks that are used by the Army, the Navy, the Marines as well as the Air-Force. They also provide this information to the Department of Defense and all allied nations during peace and war. The members of the Signal Corps are trained soldiers. Thus they can serve as active or reserve soldiers. They have technical skills that help them manage these communications.

In Britain, the Signals Corps began as the Telegraph Troops established by Captain Montague Lambert in 1870. Across the pond in the States, this corps was established in 1860 by U.S. Army major Albert J. Myer.

Areas of Specialization in the Signal Corps

Lieutenants in the Army who want to join the Signals Corps can choose from various areas of learning. These areas include Information Systems Operations (ISO), Signal Operations (SO) and Visual Information Operations (VIO). If they choose to study ISO, they will be active in duties that deal with the use of computers to maintain information. If they choose SO, they will learn how to use and maintain equipment that is used for tactical and strategic transmission of information for example switching equipment and single and multi-channel radio systems.

signal corps
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Those who choose to study VIO learn how to use television and radio units for tactical communications. They also learn how to apply multimedia graphics illustrations for military benefit. They also learn how to use still photography and motion pictures for the purpose of documenting communications. As they graduate from military schools such as West Point, members of a Signal Corps are awarded class military rings. Civilians can also buy customized military rings on websites such as Ebay discount shopping.

Importance of the Signal Corps

The members of this corps are very important. Information that they transmit is used to coordinate military tactics. They often join Marines or Green Berets in the foxholes during active war deliver information to official seats of power such as the White House. They are a versatile and highly skilled corps. They control, plan, execute and manage how information is disseminated across all the levels of the Army.

Many of the Signal Corps officers are capable of performing two skills. They can perform a leadership and an advisory role in the Army. They are relied upon to advise commanders and other military staff in the requirements, operational capability and status of communications assets. They also lead signal platoons, brigades, companies as well as battalions in active war situations. The Signal Corps are the glue that holds together the tactical movements of a country’s Army.

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