texas national guard ringTexas National Guard, ready to provide units of well trained men and women for the protection of our nation. The Texas Military Forces are comprised of the Texas Army National Guard, Texas State Guard and the Texas Air National Guard. The Texas Adjutant General is in charge of the Texas Military Forces and is based in Austin, Texas. The Governor of the state of Texas is the Commander in Chief of the Texas State Guard. The Texas National Guard is a very vital branch of the military. The Texas National Guard is part of the United States Army and the United States National Guard.

The entire workforce of the Texas National Guard is almost half the total number of the US Army’s available combat forces and roughly a third of its support services. The approximate number of soldiers within the Texas National Guard is 19,000 with 117 armories geographically dispersed around 102 communities throughout Texas. In order to coordinate this massive workforce, National Guard units are maintained through Texas Military Forces’ Texas Army National Guard, a subdivision of the larger National Guard Bureau.

The Texas National Guard has been involved in the global war on terror and overseas contingency operations since its inception. In addition, it extends its service to the nation beyond Texas in 200 locations across the United States and 38 other countries. These efforts are geared towards serving humanity in times of crises or disaster.

Texas National Guard Rings

The mission of the National Guard is to provide ready units for State and Federal missions. In order to achieve this mission, the Texas National Guard aims at providing the President of the United States and the Governor with a ready and trained force for military operations in support of the citizens of Texas, throughout the United States and in global combat or peace operations. In line with this mission and vision, the guiding values of the Texas National Guard are deployability, diversity, readiness and training.

This calls for the soldiers to be loyal, networked, ethical, selfless, adaptable and ready to serve the nation. The mission, vision and core values of the Texas National Guard highlight the importance of effective and efficient communication both within the Army National Guard and within external parties. For instance, data from the Texas National Guard demonstrates that at least 48.6% of Texas National Guard soldiers have been deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan. In this light, it has been vital for soldiers deployed on missions in far-flung areas to keep in contact with their friends and families back home. Those that have served abroad are proud to wear military rings to commemorate the deployments to Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.

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There are many job or career opportunities in the National Guard. There are over 150 job opportunities in this division of the Texas Military. Remarkably, many of the jobs available in the civilian sector are also available in the Texas National Guard. There are three categories of military careers in the  National Guard. They include the combat arms, combat service support and combat support. Each career in the military entails undergoing intensive job training for guards to gain the necessary skills. However, some careers allow guards to attain certification. Chances of becoming an officer in the Texas National Guard are higher than in other divisions of the military.

Officers In The National Guard

Nonetheless, to become an officer, it is necessary for guards to have been educated beyond high school and have the essential capabilities to make decisions. There are three types of officers. They include branch, warrant and specialty officers. The branch officers comprise guards serving in the field artillery, armor, infantry, signal, military police, finance, transport and military intelligence departments. Specialty officers include medical experts and chaplains. Warrant officers are experts in particular technical fields and are not required to have college degrees. However, they must have served in the Guard for a period of 5 to 7 years.

The Texas National Guard also caters for the community and families of Guardsmen. The Texas National Guard runs mentorship programs in order to share knowledge and experience with other members of the society. For example, the Guards are involved in developing players in the NFL in collaboration with professional athletes. This program helps to identify and solve problems facing football athletes in underrepresented communities. The Guard offers education, life insurance, health insurance, recreational facilities and tax-free shopping to families of members of the Guard. In addition, the Texas National Guard develops strong-willed and self-reliant individuals with good character.

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