US Army Ring designed to commemorate achievements. Founded in 1775, the Army is the oldest branch of the most powerful Armed Forces in the world. It is made up of units and divisions that serve on land and sea to protect the rights of nations and civilians, and has been called on to resolve conflicts outside the United States. Many of the well trained troops of the units and divisions of the US Army can be seen in places like Afghanistan, Korea, Kuwait, Iraq and Germany and are generally deployed for a year or so. For combat training recruits prefer the Special Forces a group within the army used for advanced military missions.

US Army Ring for  Reserves

If you would like to serve near your hometown, the the Army Reserve might be the best option for you. The training is similar to the tring for members who are being trained for active duty, but after training you can return to civilian life on the condition that they spend on weekend in every month honing their skills.

us army ring
Rings for all units and divisions

You can serve with the Reserves 200,000 members for periods ranging from 3 to 6 years. There are some conditions before entering, such as passing a medical, you also have to be aged betwen eighteen and forty one years old. Your basic combat training will be 10 weeks BCT. and when finished you can customize a us army to commemorate this achievement.

US Army Ring – Army National Guard

arny national guard ringsThe guards in 1787 was mandated by the United States Constitution, and like the reserves it is made up of civilians, who are trained in all aspects of military service. The National Guards are called upon to assist in the protection of US domestic disasters, like hurrican and storm damages. During Operation Iraqi Freedom many of our National Guards served alongside active duty soldiers for 6 and 12 month deployments. The are also trained in Basic Combat during a 10 weeks course that will allow them to serve when needed.

US Army Ring for National Guards

Like the Army Reserve, the Army National Guard is made up of Citizen-Soldiers who train part time, close to home, until needed. Since 1636, each state has had its own militia. These became the foundation of today’s Guard units (this was mandated by the Constitution in 1787). The Guard mobilizes to protect U.S. domestic interests in times of conflict or natural disaster and may be deployed nternationally alongside full-time troops when the situation demands. Today’s National Guard consists of approximately 367,658 troops from all U.S. states and territories.

Before Serving in the Army National Guard
Enlisting in the Army National Guard requires that you be a US Citizen, aged between 19 and 39 and you must pass a test in physical fitness. You will be paid during training and when deployed overseas, or in the performance of your duties when needed.

US Army Ring for all Units and Divisions.
To display pride in what you do in the service of our nation, custom military rings can be personalized with insignia’s, dates, name and rank in a variety of styles and metals.

US Army Ring design and casting take about four weeks from date of order to arrive at your home.

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