Washington State – A combination of breathtaking views and urban charm. Washington state is a place where the splashing waves meet the serenity of the land. Also called The State of Washington. It is an amalgamation of natural beauty and man made marvels, which spell bound the visitors to this state.

With a population 6.9 million, the charm of this place lies in the fact that it happily accommodates the requirement of every kind of traveler. A simple backpacker, looking for a quiet time in the woods is as happy here as is the rich one.

Apart from this, Washington state is home to military bases, airfields as well as naval bases, including the JBLM or Joint Base Lewis-McChord, which is a combined base of the US Army and the US Air Force. This gives the tourists one more reason to visit. Military Rings are provided by Military Rings Online for all the active and retired troops.

washington state
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The Coastline of Washington State

Be it the long, sandy strip of Dungeness spit (loved by the hikers), or the coastline enveloped with woods at the Obstruction Pass (adored by the campers), there is no shortage of beautiful beaches here. The tourists may give in the serenity of the sea or indulge in unending activities like camping, kayaking, hiking and surfing. The choice depends completely on them.

A delight for the Shoppers

What tourists do, when not enjoying the natural beauty here, is shopping. The state is a paradise for shoppers and caters to the needs of everyone. From flea markets, farmers markets, malls and shops to specialty stores that sell unique and exotic stuff, the State of Washington has it all.

The Bottom Line

There is not a single word that can describe the experience that Washington state provides completely. There is a mesmerizing coastline on one hand and the enchanting forests on the other. Because the choice between the two (and many more irresistible things) is so difficult, one visit is not enough!

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