Airborne Rings created to represent the three historic division of the United States Army. Are you passionate about heroic acts that the United States military has gone through? Are you raring to identify yourself with the heroes and heroines?  If you responded with a yes to any of the questions, then you are probably very interested in viewing the Airborne Rings that are custom made for these divisions.

101st Division Airborne Rings

The initial design of this ring was based on the tradition of the American civil war. It comprises of three basic parts. A head with a white icon of an eagle. A beak with gold letters of the word airborne and a black shield that holds the other two into a solid unit. The army airborne unit was launched prior to the Albany mission by the famous major general William C. Lee on the 15th of August in 1942.

The ring comes in different sizes and designs. All you do is request for customization and it will be designed exactly describe without making the price too high. The patch for the 101st Airborne Division is a black shield with army eagle in white.

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Rings for all Airborne Divisions

82nd Division Airborne Rings

This ring is very easy to identify by the red patch with white letters. The 82nd Airborne has been involved in all campaign over the last three decades. In Iraq and Afghanistan they have been a fundamental part of the Armed Forces. The Airborne rings are worn by active and retired folk to display pride in the division and unity among colleagues. They range in price from $250.00 to $1399.00. One common feature they have is the sterling ring body with a high polish silver finish. It was too designed in the 1942.

173rd Airborne Division Rings

This unit was first activated in 1915 and later on reactivated in the year 2000. Its invention was to mark the 173rd Infantry Brigade of the United States to be based in Vicenza in Italy. This was a division of the US forces that was operational during World War I and the Vietnam War. The 173rd Airborne Rings have a blue patch and are available in sizes between 5 and 15.

Example Of A Well Designed Army Ring

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