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Universal Promotions the operators of Military Rings Online have been working with the Armed Forces for three decades at home, here in the United States, and overseas.



We have worked in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan supporting the men and women of the jason gilliganArmed Forces. This experience has been invaluable in understanding what deployed men and women go through every day. These soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen are in a constant state of readiness and are always alert to impending attack and danger.

When they have downtime the use of a computer is limited and to contact home and loved ones in a challenge. We ask you to try and remember that our freedom is always dependant on their actions.

Today thousands of enlisted and retired military personnel wear deployment rings that have been designed in our online military shop. We have experienced the trials and tribulations of living and working in harsh conditions, such as the Kuwaiti desert, the hostile bases in Iraq and the wonderful historic Germany.



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Today you can design and order your special military ring from the comfort of your home or office. These Military Rings can be fully customized, to include your name, rank, dates of service, unit, divisions or branch emblems.

Military Rings are available in the following metals;

  • Silver Valadium
  • Premium Silver Select
  • Gold Valadium
  • 10K Yellow Gold
  • 10K White Gold
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 14K White Gold



To create the ideal solution for gift shopping, by consistently providing outstanding value,
personalized services that surpasses our customers’ expectations.


To always be the customer’s first choice for their personalized gift shopping for military jewelry and gifts, and to be a first class provider to the Armed Forces around the world.


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We trust that you will find and design the ring you want at Military Rings Online, and if you need any assistance please email us at [email protected]

Yours Sincerely
Daniel A. Gilligan and the Military Ring Team.
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