Exchange Gifts for the Armed Forces worldwide. Gift giving can be a tricky business.  Knowing what to buy, whether or not the intended recipient has it, or if someone else bought it are all common questions.  Once the gift is given, however, a truly challenging dilemma can rise:  how to exchange what you don’t want or received in duplicate without hurting the gift-giver’s feelings.

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Exchange Gifts Receipts

If the gift giver was smart and considerate, they will have included a gift receipt with the present.  Receipts should include the date of purchase.  For unwanted gifts, simply do an exchange.  For duplicate gifts, note which gift was bought the earliest and return any extras.  In the event that identical gifts were bought the same day, note who bought the gifts and consider your relationship with that person. From whom was the gift more meaningful?  Whose feelings would be hurt more if you returned their gift?  In any case, let the gift giver whose gift you’re going to return know in private of your intentions.  He or she will appreciate not only your candor, but your discretion as well.

The most awkward scenario is a gift given from a store you don’t frequent.   This can be embarrassing for the giver who thought they knew you well enough to buy from there.  What is more awkward is that chances are, you won’t be able to return the gift for cash.  Do not fret.  Instead, unleash your creativity!  Return the gift for a gift card to give to someone else—friend or family—who shops there.  You’ll save money on future gift-giving, and you can always claim you put the gift to good use in an exchange.

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Gift exchanges are all about timing and relationships.  When the gift was bought, from where, and its meaningfulness from the gift-giver are two criteria you can use to make returns discrete and pain free.  Follow these simple steps and you’ll preserve relationships, as well as make gift-giving and receiving a meaningful and joyful experience. Military Rings make ideal gifts for veterans and enlisted men and women

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