National Guard Ring, custom jewelry for the True American. Americans are able to sleep soundly each night  because a reserve military force is looking out for us. The National Guard of the United States is watching out for us, ready to spring at the shortest notice. These men hold regular day jobs and protect the country part time. National Guard rings are the perfect novelty to recognize their valor extraordinaire.

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National Guards – Guardians of the American Dream

Composed solely of civilians who often hold regular jobs and help protect their nation part-time. The National Guard has an air and an army unit called the Air National Guard and the Army National Guard. It takes a man of exceptionally high morals and true patriotism to volunteer to work beyond their job.

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National Guard has helped mobilize riots and minor unrests, patrolled during war threats and helped during the elections. They stood with the nation during the attack 11th September, 2001 attack on the twin towers. They were also mobilized off shore during America’s invasion of Iraq. These men are the true protectors of the American Dream for its native residents as well as the immigrants.

What is A National Guard Ring?

There is no set design for these rings and you will be able to find something to your liking. These are usually cast in solid gold or silver with wide bands. The top of the ring features a deep-hued stoned like a ruby or a lapis lazuli which may sometimes be surrounded by a wreath of metal and carved or printed with the National Guard’s symbol or the American flag. The lateral sides of the ring are emblazoned with the National Guard’s emblem- an armed personnel surrounded by a ring with the words ‘Army National Guard’ on the top and five equally-spaced stars on the bottom. Some jewelers also include the body’s slogan “Always Ready, Always There” on the rings. In totality, these rings are powerful, magnetic pieces of meaningful jewellery.

Why Wear a National Guard Ring?

The military award a Good Conduct medal for active duty service and a Reserve Good Conduct Medal for reserve duties like annual training and drilling. These decorations don’t account for the personal sacrifices that National Guard personnels make. The true recognition for these can only come from their close ones. National Guard rings are one such way of making retired or current National Guard personnels feel important and loved.

You can also wear a National Guard ring yourself as a constant reminder of how precious freedom is and how hard some men are working to secure it for you. These army rings send a powerful emotional message and wearers often look to them to draw courage in tough times. This ring is a reminder for all non-personnel that they too can rise above personal comfort and do something for the others. This may not be necessarily military in nature, but simple gestures of chivalry like helping a blind man cross a road even though you don’t need to.

The decorations given to the national Guards are not enough, we, their loved ones must make them feel that they are important to our society with meaningful reminders like National Guard rings. They are “Always Ready, Always There” and now, we must do our bit in making them feel appreciated. Wear Your Patriotic Pride with a National Guard Ring

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