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Silver Army Rings makes a great gift to active and retired soldiers. Soldiers do a great service to the nation by standing as they stand like a line of defense between the nation and its enemies. They are honorable and strong men who sacrifice the comfort of their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom and solace of a better life. That’s why if you have someone in your friends of family who is in military, then it can be a very good idea to present him a silver army ring, as a token of respect, appreciation and love that you hold for them in your hearts.

Importance of Silver Army Rings

There are several types of metals that can be used to create the military ring that you want to design and silver is one of the best options among them.

Noble Metal:
As silver is a noble metal it is completely resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Most of the times military personnel are stationed in tough conditions and so noble metals are the best choice as they can endure time. Rings made of noble metals don’t require much care and they still maintain their good looks.

Better Price:
There are two more noble metals that can be used which are gold and platinum. But both these metals are way costlier than silver. By choosing silver you can add more weight to the military ring that you are gifting and this also gives you plenty of freedom to choose a better design. Soldiers are hard trained men and they don’t like small light weight rings, so silver is the best choice.

Designs and Styling Options

Include Symbols:
Gifting a silver army rings without any engraved army symbol is completely wrong. While choosing the design you must take into consideration several types of army crests, there are insignia that are assigned to special units, there are also emblems of military campaigns. Apart from this you can use various types of flags like country flag, flag that is associated with the army or its special divisions.

Include Year:
This is something that most people do and which is personal and unique. You can inscribe a year inside the silver army rings, this year may signify anything you like: it may be the year when you are gifting the ring, the year when the soldier joined the army or won a major medal, it may signify when you first met, soldier’s birth year, and just any important year which is significant to him.

There are some people who also use gemstones as they think it adds elegance to the ring. But there are people who believe that these gemstones bring good luck in the battlefield. The reason can be anything, but people do use gemstones in the silver army rings they gift to soldiers.

When you are choosing the silver army ring that you are going to gift you must understand the significance of this gift. This ring will remind the soldier of you during the times when he will miss friends and family. That’s why it’s not just a gift of appreciation and love, but a memory that will be on his fingers, which will remind him of all the good things in life, when everything else may not be that good to him.

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