Custom Military Rings are items of jewelry worn by the men and women of the Armed Forces. Rings are customized to indicate the branch, unit or  division that the soldier is enlisted in.  The rings are custom made and are designed by the customer in the shop. All branches of the United States Military are represented bu elegant emblems. Custom military rings can be cast  in Gold and Silver. Initially the rings are worn by enlisted men and women to advocate loyalty to the Armed Forces.  Take time to look at the picture below to get ideas on how to customize your ring.

Designing Custom Military Rings

In all our online shops you will be presented with many options in terms of side emblems. The branches, units and divisions can be complimented and further enhanced by by creating text and personal messages inside the ring. These can be sentiments of devotion and love or a remembrance of a departed loved one. Dates are also very popular for internal inscriptions.

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Gold and Silver are still the two main metals used for casting and creating custom military rings.  The preferred option for family heirlooms is gold.  Valadium is very popular for engineers, infantry and any soldier that is exposed to manual work. Custom military rings cost are determined by the metal used. You can opt for a Celestrium ring which can cost you around $200 to $350. Gold will currently cost you about $1299 and Silver Select around $499. For many who are retiring after a twenty year service they tend to choose from the gold select range, but as you can see there’s a ring to suit every ones budget and branch.

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Since the formation of the military back in 1775 young people, especially boys have been fascinated and intrigued by the military and the soldiers that make up the platoons, units and divisions of the army.

Custom Gold Army Rings

Members of the public have a deep admiration for the men and women of the Armed Forces. Our rings can be designed to honor those who enlist and also those who have retired. They are easy to design online by using the drop down selector in the shopping area. Remember to select a different design for each side.

Tips for Designing Your Ring.

To design the perfect ring use the selector in the store. Input the engraving text you require in the boxes provided. You can use the drop down selectors to find the side emblems. For the top of the ring it is common to use the birth month stone color. Custom military rings are iconic items of jewelry that a person wears for his services to the country.  It gives a feeling of pride and loyalty that lasts lifetime. These military rings are a mark of pride and patriotism that the soldiers wear on behalf of their nation.

Perfect Rings

Military Rings can be made from many metals, but the most popular rings are made from gold. Gold as many is defined by quality and color. Yellow gold is a popular choice for commanders and generals of the Armed Forces. It is deemed to demonstrate the power of the individual wearing the ring. They are indeed more expensive than silver, but if it’s in your budget, then go for it. Military Rings for men are strong and sturdy and exude a certain aspect of power and command respect. This refers to both the soldiers and the military rings that they wear. It took a lot of training to achieve the abilities that these brave individuals. Right now it takes only a little time to design the perfect ring to reflect these attributes of any soldier.

Rings for Men

We all started out somewhere it may have been at some recruitment office in Texas, Idaho or Louisiana but we entered in to this military lifestyle with the one common intention that we are going to make a difference. Some had a choice, as to which branch of the Armed Service they wanted to sign up with. No matter what you do you will find military rings to suit absolutely any department of the army and you can customize these military rings to show your name, rank and years of service.

Retirement Rings

They gave all unselfishly. Some gave over twenty years of their lives in some of the most treacherous countries in the world and would do it all over again because the feel that they truly made a difference. Custom Military rings are designed everyday for these heroes. The images of their units and the text engraved on them will help them remember colleagues and special occasions in their retirement years.

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