The history of the United States Army was born out of necessity in 1775. It was to have soldiers for the American Revolutionary War. The American people needed to defend themselves against the British Army in order to gain independence. After the Army came many of the other divisions of the military. However it was the Army before any of them. Throughout history, the Army Reserves has participated in a lot of different battles.  These included the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War and both World Wars. The Korean and Vietnam Wars are the most recent including the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and North Korea.

History Of The United States Army 1775

During or after serving in the military, many people like to remember their service by purchasing “Military Rings“. These rings can include a particular infantry, a specialty as well as the years served. Some people particularly want to remember their military deployment to different bases around the world.  They can do so with  rings similar to the way that students get class rings. The United States Army, in 1775, was called the Continental Army and was comprised of troops from each one of the 13 colonies. As the country expanded, so did the number of troops. The US Army not only battled in wars but also helped with Manifest Destiny from 1815 to 1860 in the country’s desire to expand West.

history of the united stats army

In 1910, the US Army flew their first biplane. The Army National Guard was formed for World War I in 1917. This included the largest draft of able-bodied men that the country had seen to date. The army itself had 286,000 troops while the National Guard expanded to an approximate count of 450,000 troops. Military deployments, especially in recent years, do not include the Army Reserves and the Army National Guard working on their own accord. In many cases they combine arms with the Air Force, Marines and Navy, as well as Special Ops in order to invade countries, overthrow governments and defend territories so that no attacks are made on American soil.

Changing Times

The United States Army is a constantly changing entity, getting new technology, new formations and even different task forces within the Army in order to deal with particular areas of battle. Those who have served in the Army take on a number of different roles and they become veterans afterwards. One of the best ways to remember the Army as well as what they did in the military to defend their country is purchasing military rings. The styles have changed over the years but many are handed down from generation to generation. It serves as a reminder of what family has served and in what branch of the military.

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