Vietnam Rings captures the horror, the hell and heroism of the brave soldiers the fought in this campaign. When we hear soldiers speak of Vietnam we stop and listen attentively to the stories told by these veterans. We hear how they waded through rice paddies or navigated the dangerous crevices of jungle mountains without fear or hesitation. To hesitate in these extreme conditions meant exposure to enemy fire. Today we commemorate these warriors by issuing these fine examples of Vietnam rings.

Vietnam Rings – Custom Made Rings

Vietnam is considered to be one of the treacherous war of recent centuries. A war fought in the jungles and extreme heat, conditions that the United States Army was not trained for.

Vietnam Rings – The Vietnam War

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This was one of the worst wars for the United States. It was a war entered into to try and unify a country torn apart by different ideals. The United States was attempting to curtail the spread of communism and in so doing lost the general support of the people back home. The war actually started in 1959 and ended in April 1975 but the United States stepped in in around 1964.

The Japanese actually invaded areas of Vietnam as far back as 1940 so you could say that Vietnam was no stranger to conflict. The revolutionary figure Ho Chi Minh returned to Vietnam after spending 30 years abroad. He returned to find the country occupied by the Japanese and the French. This appalled him, and his aim was to rid the country of these two as quickly as possible. His headquarters was a humble cave in the northern territory where he established the Viet Minh. In 1945 a new government was established and was named the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Vietnam Rings – Ho Chi Minh

He was trying to garnish support from The United States to rid the country of the French invaders. It all backfired and the United State actually helped the French with support and aid. In around 1954 the French decided to depart from Vietnam after being defeated at the battle of Dien Bien Phu.

The United States in in 1965 on the authority of President Lyndon B. Johnson sent ground troops into Vietnam. Little did they realize that the war would go on for over ten years. The Viet Cong were masters at jungle warfare and the war was fought in their terrain. The ambushes and booby traps that were set up proved very effective against the American Armed Forces. There tunnel networks were their means of escape. This type of warfare was totally alien to U.S troops. Today we have some of these “Vietnam Veterans” living among us. Treat them with the respect they deserve, and most of all listen and learn.

vietnam rings
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