Gold Military Rings have served a valuable role in our lives since history began. They have adorned the fingers of nearly every person you read about, from the Pharaohs to the Romans, to today’s high school and college graduate. One particularly significant type is the military signet ring. These rings date back to the Augustan period in Rome. The military signet ring was a sign of pride and honor. It was normally given to someone who had served with distinction. The signet ring was originally used to make impressions in wax and to seal valuable documents. The size and shape of the rings varied, and some were so large they were uncomfortable to wear. The top of the ring could be raised, to use as a seal. Over the past four decades the most popular ring is the military class ring.

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Today gold military rings have the branch of service image on the top. The sides may be engraved with the emblems of the unit they served with. Examples are Artillery, Infantry, Engineers, and so forth. Many rings will have the designation of a distinct unit and be given to someone who has completed exceptional training.  The Army Special Forces, Marine Recon, or the Navy Seals, would be classed as special units.

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10k Gold Military Rings

It has also become popular to have 10k gold military rings custom designed to represent certain milestones or deployments. Inside the ring band, a personal message or sentiment to a loved one can be engraved. Any man or woman who graduates from West Point Academy would wear a custom made ring. The  Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, or any military academy is instantly recognizable by the what ring is worn. There is a distinctive camaraderie with fellow graduates and the ring they wear makes them easily recognizable. Many who served in the military purchase a ring upon retiring or completing their service. They do this as a way to show they serve with honor and have pride in their service.

It is easy to see that the gold military rings has had a prominent role in the lives of military members for many years and will continue to do so for many more. You can find rings for all branches of service from many vendors on the internet. They range from basic to elaborate and in price from easily affordable to more expensive. To give an active military member a ring, representing their branch of service, will show them how proud of their service you are. I sure it will be worn with pride for many years to come.

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