Military rings are more than just pieces of jewelry. They are personalized items that represent the valor and heroism of their wearers. These special rings are also carefully customized to symbolize their wearer’s service record as well as the love and fidelity of their comrades and loved ones. military ringsIf you are looking to buy a military ring for a loved one then we have the services and expertise you need. Our team can create a unique and special ring that you want to give to your loved one. Our ring company uses the latest tools as well as the best materials to craft unique, high-quality military rings for military personnel in all service branches. So if you need our expertise then here’s what our company can do for you.

What Are Custom Military Rings

Custom military rings are meant to be unique, personal items that embody heroic deeds. Each military ring has its unique stone, design, style and engraving. They may also be customized to represent a particular branch of the military or even the intended wearer’s rank and service record. On some occasions, military rings may even be designed to commemorate a particular event or celebration, such as a military graduation, a military wedding, a deployment, a retirement or some other important occasion in the wearer’s military career. When given as gifts, military rings may also be designed to showcase the wearer’s importance to his family, friends and comrades.

Important Diagram – To Help You Design A Ring

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The important point here is that military rings can be created using a wide variety of styles and designs, so it’s important to have a unique vision in mind. Once you have developed that unique and personalized ideal, come visit us and we’ll turn that dream into a reality. We promise to create the ideal ring for your loved one.

How To Design A Personalized US Military Ring

Designing a personalized military ring is fairly simple. Here’s how the process works:

  • Choose a military branch for the military ring (e.g. air force, navy, marines, national guard, etc.).
  • Choose a metal for the ring.
  • You will be asked to provide a unique custom design for the ring, or if you don’t have one ready, you can choose one of our preset designs and tweak it to suit your needs.
  • Enter text for the engravings around the stone.
  • Enter a message or a quote for the inner side of the band.
  • Select a stone for the military ring.

Once we have received all the necessary information about your ring, we will begin work on it immediately. Our team will use all of your instructions to produce a design that matches your loved one’s valor and military career. We will then present this design to you for approval. After you have given your final approval for your ring’s design, we will begin working on it immediately.

Throughout our work, we will provide you with regular updates, so that you can track our progress. It usually takes us a few weeks to complete a single personalized military ring, so we advise you to make your purchase ahead of time, particularly if you have a deadline. Once we’ve finished the ring, we will inform you about it, after which we will ship you your ring free of charge.

Get Started Creating Your Personalized  Ring

Are you ready to design a unique military ring for your loved one? We offer many custom military ring designs for all branches of the military. We offer a wide variety of styles and metal options, as well as various fonts for personal engravings so that you will get the military ring that suits your preferences.

For veterans, they evoke memories of times when they were active and campaigns they fought in. Many of our soldiers are very proud to wear custom-made deployment rings for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Two of the most popular campaigns in recent decades. Who is a veteran? Veterans are those who have served in one of the five branches of the Armed Forces.

There are war veterans who have served overseas and have taken part in wars and conflicts. There is also the combat veteran who has taken part in hostile military action during their service. These men and women are our heroes and should never be forgotten. Custom military rings with combat details engraved on them are the perfect commemoration gift. The rings can be personalized with the conflict dates and the soldier’s name. The POW rings are ideal for those who were taken prisoner.

Custom Military Rings

Not every soldier wears a military ring, but if they do, then custom military rings are the preferred option. The reason for this is simple. The rings can be custom-made in the traditional style and personalized with relevant details. Custom military rings allow you to display details of your service and act as a badge of honor. It was in 1835 that the original U.S Army ring was worn at West Point. Since then the tradition of wearing custom military rings has spread throughout all branches of the Armed Forces. The ring was sometimes worn on the left hand because it was closest to the heart. Today the majority of people wear it on the right hand especially if they are married.

Easy Tips To Design Military Rings

Our advice to you is to get a pen and paper and write down what you want on the ring. Make a list of details and dates, units or divisions you served with over the years. List the campaigns and deployments that you served on. List the combat zones you fought in. When you have the list made, you will probably see that you have more than would fit on a small ring. The next step is to extract from your list the important details that you would like to display on your military ring. Names, dates and rank can be engraved above the selected emblem for the sides. Remember to select different emblems for both sides as the company can’t put the same emblem on the two sides.

Military Class Rings

Military Class Rings tells stories of heroic tales of heroic engagements our soldiers face on a daily basis. If you are graduating or passing out from the armed forces, probably you and your family would like to mark this special day with a gift or token. After all, this is a special day, you have worked hard and sacrificed a lot of your time to get through. Many types of gifts would make this day great, but one that stands out is the military class rings. The military class rings are available for all the members of the armed forces and their affiliates. Special occasions can be commemorated by the customization of these rings from the side texts to the images representing the various departments of service.

It’s important to note that including an emblem on the ring is worth considering. This is because the symbol represents the highlights of the soldiers’ career. For instance, if they went on a specific campaign such as Operation Iraqi Freedom, Desert Shield or Desert Storm in Afghanistan including an emblem of their services will make them feel honored, loved and proud. Here we are going to look at the different kinds of rings for various army departments.

army rings

Sizing Your Rings

The size of any wideband military ring is normally a half size larger than a wedding ring. Try and have your finger sized by a competent jeweler, then you won’t be disappointed when it arrives and it will avoid the hassle of having to return the ring to us.

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Embrace Your Valor with Military Class Rings

At Military Rings Online, we bring you the finest selection of military-class rings that symbolize your dedication, honor, and bravery!

Wear a Legacy on Your Finger
Our rings are not just pieces of metal; they carry the stories of enlisted men and women, veterans who have served their country with pride for decades. Each ring is a testament to your commitment and service.

A Tribute to Your Service
Personalize your ring with the dates of your service and unit emblems to proudly display the milestones of your journey in the US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Navy. There are areas on the ring where you can personalize the ring with your name and rank.

A Token of Excellence
Our US Army rings honor the largest branch of the Armed Forces with precision and elegance. The US Air Force rings shine in gold and silver craftsmanship. The iconic Eagle, Globe, and Anchor adorn our US Marine Corps rings. And our US Navy rings commemorate your service with unmatched reverence.

Celebrate Your Dedication Today

Step into history by wearing one of our treasured military class rings. Let each glance at your finger remind you of the sacrifices made and the victories won in service to our great nation. It is also lovely to remember the colleagues you met and befriended along your journey.


All branches of the Armed Forces are catered for. The sailors have their Navy Rings. Airmen can purchase and design Air Force Rings. Men and women who serve in The United States Marines can design Marine Corps Rings. In the Military Online Shopping Store, there is a section dedicated to each branch.

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