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Military Rings are designed for all branches of the military. Custom Military Rings can display the name, insignia and rank of soldier. FREE shipping on selected rings. Rings are custom made to proclaim a soldier’s loyalty and pride to the branch they serve in. The rings are a declaration of unity among a group of soldiers.

military rings

us military rings

For veterans they evoke memories of times when they were active and campaigns they fought in.  Many of our soldiers are very proud to wear custom made deployment rings for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. The two of the most popular campaigns in recent decades.

Who is a veteran? Veterans are those who have served in one of the five branches of the Armed Forces. There are war veterans who have served overseas and have taken part in wars and conflicts. There is also the combat veteran who has taken part in hostile military action during their service. These men and women are our heroes and should never be forgotten.

Custom military rings with combat details engraved on them are the perfect commemoration gift. The rings can be personalized with the conflict dates and the soldiers name. The POW rings are ideal for those who were taken prisoner.

Custom Military Rings

Not every soldier wears a military ring, but if they are going to wear a military piece of jewelry, then custom military rings are the preferred option. The reason for this is simple. The rings can be custom made in traditional style and be personalized with relevant details. The custom military rings allow you to display details of your service and are a badge of honor. It was in 1835 that the original U.S Army ring was worn at West Point. Since then the tradition of wearing these custom military rings has spread throughout all branches of the Armed Forces. The ring was sometimes worn on the left hand because it was closest to the heart. But today the majority of people wear it on the right hand especially if they are married.

How To Design Rings 
Our advice to you is to get a pen and paper and write down what you want on the ring. Make a list of details and dates, units or divisions you served with over the years. List the campaigns and deployments that you served on. List the combat zones you fought in. When you have the list made, you will probably see that you have more than would fit on a small ring. The next step is to extract from your list the important details that you would like to display on your military ring. Names, dates and rank can be engraved above the selected emblem for the sides. Remember to select different emblems for both sides as the company can’t put the same emblem on the two sides.

gold military rings

Engravings On Rings

This is an important area of custom military rings. On each side of the rings there is an area for displaying text. On men’s rings, you can have two lines of text. Each line can have nine characters including spaces. On ladies rings, because they are smaller, the area allows for one line of nine characters including spaces. Internally you can have additional engravings of 18 characters including spaces.

Sizing Your Ring
The size of any wide band military ring is normally a half size larger than a wedding ring. Try and have have your finger sized by a competent jeweler, then you won’t be disappointed when it arrives and it will avoid the hassle of having to return the ring to us.

Gold Military Rings Prices

Like everything else in life, the cost of custom made rings vary. We have a select range of rings to suit all budgets. Silver Celestrium military rings can be purchased for as little as $259.00. Be prepared to pay approximately $1299.00 for 10k solid gold rings.  US Military Rings are often designed with the intention of creating a family heirloom. There are a hundreds of units and divisions in the military and all of these are well represented.  In the design area of our online shop it’s very easy to create your military ring.   We offer a real opportunity to design, and purchase personalized military rings easily in the comfort of your own home.

Military Class Rings

Military Class Rings tells stories of heroic tales of heroic engagements our soldiers face on a daily basis. If you are graduating or passing out from the armed forces, probably you and your family would like to mark this special day with a gift or token. After all, this is a special day, you have worked hard and sacrificed a lot of your time to get through. Many types of gifts would make this day great, but one that stands out is the military class rings. The military class rings are available for all the members of the armed forces and their affiliates. Special occasions can be commemorated by the customization of these rings from the side texts to the images representing the various departments of service.

It’s important to note that including an emblem on the ring is worth considering. This is because the symbol represents the highlights of the soldiers’ career. For instance, if they went on a specific campaign such as Operation Iraqi Freedom, Desert Shield or Desert Storm in Afghanistan including an emblem of their services will make them feel honored, loved and proud. Here we are going to look at the different kind of rings for various army departments.

custom gold military rings

Infantry Rings

Whether you are looking for the 1st Infantry or the 4th, you have to choose one that belongs to your unit or brigade. The Infantry rings made for the military are custom built. The metals commonly used for this type of rings are gold celestrium, silver celestrium and white or yellow gold.

Cavalry Rings
The 1st Cavalry Division nicknamed the First team earned their reputation by being the first military unit to accomplish so many great things. They were the first in Vietnam, Tokyo, North Korea and Cambodia. Show appreciation for a hero you know who served in this unit by getting them a customized military class ring.

us military rings

A class rings is one the most cherished traditions. Class rings are an emblem of academic achievement.

They are a symbol for students that are graduating from a particular high school or college. They are typically bands cast in gold or silver, inlaid with stones and engraved with the year of the graduating class. Occasionally they may incorporate the school mascot or color scheme. These day, some are even personalized to include the honor societies or sports clubs the student belonged to. They originated in West Point Military Academy in the United States, and are common in both America and Canada.

The Romans Military Rings

Rings have always held great symbolism. Egyptians believed a scarab ring could promise eternal life, and were duly buried with one over their heart. Romans wore military class rings to battle, believing this would assure them victory. Today, engagement rings and wedding rings symbolize deep love and commitment to a partner for life. Other rings can be worn which symbolize virginity and the keeping of promises.

The class ring represents a number of things to the wearer. Normally they are acquired at graduation and mark a rite of passage, highlighting the student’s personal achievement in completing their studies. They designate the beginning of responsible adult life in a physically tangible way, and as such take on high importance to those who choose to wear them.

The ring connects the wearer to the other military students in their class and associates them with their school. For instance in the navy class rings there is a sense in which wearers are brothers, part of the same club, even years after graduation from navy academies has taken place. These rings can be a great source of pride and schools may make their rings very large and distinctive so that fellow alumni members can recognize each other easily, even from a distance.

Graduation Rings

Sometimes, a class ring may also be given to a high school sweetheart as a symbol of devotion, or rings can be traded to highlight that the couple is “going steady”. Parents may also pass their ring onto their child; in fact, sometimes class rings are handed down through many generations. The ring is worn on the third finger of the right hand. While the student is still in school, they wear the ring with the insignia facing their body. However, upon graduation the crest is turned outwards so as to face the world the graduate is about to enter into.

A ceremonial act takes place before graduation wherein people who are important to the wearer rotate the ring on the finger. Everyone must turn it in the same direction except for the final turn, which should go the opposite way. The final turn signifies the moment has arrived for the wearer to go out into the world, and is thus done by someone who is particularly special to them.

Although class rings may be expensive for the average student, they serve as a memento of the years spent at school, one which can be passed on through the family for decades. They are simultaneously a personal symbol of achievement and a communal symbol of brotherhood, and as such act as an important tradition to mark the transition into adulthood


All branches of the Armed Forces are catered for. The sailors have their Navy Rings. Airmen can purchase and design Air Force Rings. Men and women who serve in The United States Marines can design Marine Corps Rings. In the Military Online Shopping Store there is a section dedicated to each branch. The product range includes swords, shields and watches.

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