Design Military Rings online today. With modern technology and a good computer you can design a ring to commemorate a life spent in the service. With the selections available in the shopping area of the Military Online Shop it is really very easy to design a unique ring. Throughout this article we will guide you through some of the steps and explain as best we can how easy the process can be. The process is exactly the same for all branch rings.

Custom Design Military Rings

To start the process we suggest you have a good idea of what you want on the ring. The easiest way to do this, is to write it down on a sheet of paper. Write down the name and dates you want on the ring, the emblems you want represented on the sides. The size is very important and must be correct for the ring to fit comfortably. Any good jewelery store will size your ring for you. Request a size for a wide band ring. Most of what you will require on the ring will be presented to you by a drop down selector in the shop for military rings.


Why Design Military Rings

The reason for this is easy to explain. You want the ring to relate your history of service. When someone views your ring it should tell them a lot about your service record. The information gleaned from the ring will let them know the branch you served with and the dates of service. Emblems on the sides will tell them what particular unit or division you served with, within the branch. The colour of the stone will let them know the month of your birth.

Design Military Rings With Engravings

In addition to all of the above engraving text above the emblems and inside the band finishes off the personalization. In side the band you can engrave a military motto or branch slogan. Many customers write the name of their spouse or children inside. The two areas above the emblems on the side of the ring can be used to put your name or service dates.

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