Gold Navy Rings

Our gold navy rings are created with style and great attention to detail.  The United States Navy, is one of the seven uniformed services of the Armed Forces. The seafaring tradition produced a large number of sailors and captains in the colonial era, from which the Navy was rooted.

Members of the Continental Congress had to debate about the issue of establishing a national navy. The US was without a navy for nearly a decade. This caused its merchant ships to be exposed to a series of attacks from Barbary pirates. The US Revenue Cutter Service , succeeded by the US Coast Guard, was launched in 1797 to handle the pirates. Gold Navy Rings are designed to commemorate any Navy career. They are for active and retired sailors. They portray a specific navy campaign or symbolize a sailor’s career path over the years. For both men and women, wearing personalized navy rings is viewed as an old tradition to symbolize pride in the Department of the Navy.

10k Gold Navy Rings

Some of the popular side emblems include Eagle, the Screaming Eagle, Flag and Book. Special Operations, and the Navy Seal are also popular. The Chief Petty Officer and Master Chief Petty with the anchor, the stars never fails to impress. There is a wide range of stones to choose from. Stones can be enhanced using a laser process to insert a desired design inside the stone.

navy seal rings


To celebrate promotions or retirements a popular choice of  Navy Rings are the 10k an 14k Gold. These Gold Navy Rings are available in Yellow and White.

While the visual effect can either be natural or aged antique, quality remains the same for both. Celestrium is also available. This material is a durable jeweler’s metal mixed with gold or silver to create a ring similar in appearance to the more expensive metals.

When selecting your personalized gold navy rings, choose styles and accents that reflect on your naval journey. You have a choice to design your navy rings to be as majestic as the seas you have sailed.

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Ring Sizing

If sized correctly, these rings will fit you perfectly since they are tailor-made. They will not only feel great and comfortable in your hand, but also fill your heart with pride.

All you have to do is first decide on the metal you prefer your personalized navy rings to be made of, then proceed to create a high quality and enduring symbol of your selfless service for a lifetime of appreciation.

Your years of great service as a navy seal must be embraced with honor and pride, as you remember the years you had to sail by the ships and carriers at sea just to protect your beloved country and the people of America.

custom gold navy rings

US Navy Rings

The sides of US Navy Rings are flanked with insignia and specific details. These honor particular aspects and experiences of your time as an active or retired sailor. Whether you want to commemorate a certain beach party or amphibious assault.  Membership in a specific elite group like the Navy Seals can also be commemorated. Pleas note you have served and made exceptional commitment to your country.

If you are purchasing Gold Navy Rings for friends or loved ones, it is important to know the exact unit that they were assigned to. Noting the correct information will help in the design process. If you are buying a ring for a person who has served in the Navy, get professional help from whose with expertise on military rings, so that you buy relevant and genuine rings.

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