The marine corps rings available today can be custom-made in gold and silver. They can record the details of any enlisted or retired marine, such as division history, name and rank. They make a unique gift and are a perfect item of jewellery to mark any occasion.

Custom Made Rings

The Custom  Marine Corps Rings are the best option available for personalization. The ring face can be round or rectangular and you can opt to have a birth-stone inserted. Stones can reflect your birthday or division and can have a design etched inside. Special wording can be emblazoned around the stone to indicate the branch or division. If you are retired this can be shown around the stone. Inside the band, there is an option to engrave something special. Emblems can be selected from a drop-down menu in the military online shopping area.

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Gold Marine Corps Rings

Rings represent a marine’s sense of pride and patriotism.  They indicate his love for his country and reflect a special sense of accomplishment.  Gold marine corps rings serve as a symbol of dedicated service and will be admired by friends and family. These are expensive rings and it is important that you take an appropriate amount of time to design one correctly.

Iwo Jima

The famous motto of the marine corps Semper Fidelis symbolizes the branch’s character and commitment. The meaning of this motto is always faithful. When entering battle the resounding cry of semper fi is used. Thus creating the complete band of brothers.

Marine Rings display valour, pride and honor in the tradition of being a Marine. The Marines who protect us, and our freedom, through their selfless sacrifice, must be recognized.  Originally consisting of infantry serving aboard naval vessels, the Marine Corps has evolved into an elite amphibious and ground assault force. From the historic shores of Tripoli to the Battle of Iwo Jima and beyond, Marines have been in the forefront of the fight in every American armed conflict since the Revolutionary War. We honour past and present Marines for their dedication and their service in the Corps. What better way to show their pride, what better way to honor their history and their sacrifices, than Marine rings that are a visual symbol of their physical strength, their strength of character and their commitment?

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Marine Corps Motto is Semper Fidelis

Marines and their loved ones frequently shorten it to Semper Fi, but they never short-change its significance.  Marines throughout the world use this slogan as a battle cry and, in peacetime, to verbally show their pride in being Marines.  But a more beautiful way to show their pride, a visual way, is by wearing the stunning Marine rings with name dates and unit emblems. Marine rings can be designed to reflect a person’s service in the Marine Corps in general – these rings usually feature the famous Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem of the Marine Corps.  Or they can reflect a Marine’s service in a specific Marine Corps regiment, battalion or other unit.

They can also be designed to show a person’s service during a particular war or series of battles:  World War 2 rings, Korean War rings, Vietnam war rings and Operation Desert Storm Marine rings are examples.  Still other types of Marine rings incorporate the design of a specific combat medal or badge into their design.  Rings even exist for Prisoners of War. Marine rings can have any one of three basic designs. The first is a somewhat ornate ring just like a class ring and usually has a birthstone stone set in the centre. The ring also has various designs emblazoned on the shanks.

Gold and Silver Options

The second design is a more detailed, elegant ring with engraved text. This type of ring sometimes consists solely of engraved or etched features. The third type of ring is a signet ring with the Marine Corps emblem etched into the face. All Marine rings, of whatever design, can be decorated with beautifully engraved and highly symbolic heraldic crests, shields, coats-of-arms or insignia that are used in the Marine Corps. Marine rings are made of precious metals such as silver or gold, and high-quality pieces have intricate detail.  The centre of the ring is inset with engravings which make Marine rings unique. The initials or name of the person who will wear a Marine ring can usually be engraved or etched on the band.  A personalized Marine ring is a uniquely appropriate way to reflect a person’s service in the Corps, either past or present.

Design Options for All Rings

Here is a list of the most popular design options for custom-made Marine Corps Rings; American Flag. 1st Marine Division. 2nd Marine Division. 3rd Marine Division. Abrams Tank. CH-53E. Drill Instructor Parris Island. Drill Instructor Sand Diego. Harrier Jet. Huey Copter. IWO Jima. Light Attack Vehicle. Eagle Globe & Anchor. Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Naval Aircrew. Rifle Expert. Super Cobra. Tun Tavern. Fighting Eagle. Screaming Eagle. Grin Reaper. Star of David. Scales of Justice. Bulldog. POW-MIA. Operation Iraqi Freedom. Operation Enduring Freedom. Desert Storm.


All of these rings are custom-made to your specifications and design requirements. A cast is made of each ring. the emblems and text are specific to your ring. We ask you to allow 4-5 weeks for delivery within the United States and an extra week if going overseas or to an APO.

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