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Navy Rings available in Gold and Silver with your name and dates engraved on sides. Custom Navy Rings for active and retired personnel. These rings may highlight a specific Navy campaign or symbolize a sailor’s career development over the date of enlistment.

For many men and women in the Navy it is seen as proud tradition to wear personalized rings. They symbolize a sailor’s pride in the Department of the Navy.

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There are a nice selection of side emblems and insignia which will assist, in the creation of the ideal ring. The American flag is always beautiful and popular. The Master Chief Petty Officer and Chief Petty Officer with the anchor, the stars and the letters USN cast as the side emblem is always impressive.

There are many stones to choose from, and these can be enhanced by inserting a design inside the stone by a laser process. Spend some time when you get to the online shop and see the entire range of what is available. All the pictures are directly under the main image of the custom Navy Rings.

The wording United States Navy can be placed around the stone in a block lettering format. There are other options which you can select from the drop-down menu in the military online shopping store to complete the design of any Navy Rings. One of the most important things to remember is to get the size right. Our advice is to visit a jewelry store and have your finger sized.

You can also decide to get a dedicated customized ring for your friend or loved one. A customized ring allows you to be creative and add more features to the ring that you know will be appreciated by the person you are gifting. You can include a date that reminds the person of a particularly successful event. A particular war campaign, the unit served and a side emblem that inspires the person is popular.

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All Navy Rings Can Be Personalized


You are an exceptional person who has made a great commitment to your country. Custom Navy Rings declare that you are part of the global force that stands for good in the world and bespeak of your Bravo Zulu accomplishments. Whether you are seafaring far from home on a tour that stretches out for months on end, or performing your duties at a land base, the heart of a sailor is always at sea and the spirit of a navy serviceman or woman is always with the country.

Navy Rings are often used as wedding rings because they can be engraved with the wedding date and personalized with both names. The ladies ring is slightly smaller than the men’s one but just as beautiful.

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Navy Rings for Retirement.
After serving for twenty years or more it becomes time for retirement. To celebrate family members get together and design gold a ring for their loved one. Rings are a treasured gift to receive because they can be worn everyday. They are a wonderful reminder of service days and friends made along the way.

Rings are made for all sailors and seabees. The United States Navy really became an integral part of the United States military during World War II and other campaigns. The Navy not only provides security within our seas, but also provides support for members of the other branches around the world.

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Rings can be engraved inside the band with a special message. If you yourself or someone you know is a Navy Veteran, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get them a ring.

One gift idea that’ll surely delight is the concept of engraving the name of a carrier  into the ring. For instance the USS John C. Stennis was involved in Operation Enduring Freedom. Another prime example would be USS America, which served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. It was commissioned in 1965 and made 3 deployments during the Vietnam War.

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While we can never repay the Navy for its sacrifice and dedication. We can show our gratitude and pride by presenting a Navy member with a Navy class ring.The list of jobs that a Navy member may do is extensive. They may sail on a submarine or one of the Navy “supercarriers,” serve in a logistics unit, or fly one of the Navy aircraft.

The strength of character is recognized in a Navy ring. It’s a beautiful way to remember their sacrifice and commitment. Gold Navy rings that are a testament to their service to the United States in general.

For example, one style of ring is a signet ring. It showcases the Navy crest on the top. Perhaps you want to show their service in a specialized unit, such as the Navy Seals, with a ring that has engravings on the sides or in a stone on the top.

The choices are limitless and the final impression is certain to be stunning. The choice between gold or silver can be difficult. Gold and silver will both look fantastic with the Navy dress uniform.


To be Air Warfare Enlisted is not an easy thing. It requires both much dedication and workmanship in your line of duty. An Enlisted pin is one of the hard-won, and much-desired emblems Sailors work for the moment they check on the ship. Being a commissioned officer and earning the pin is quite a big deal. If you have a friend who has received this pin why not surprise him further by getting them an air warfare enlisted ring. An Air Warfare ring can be customized to include a silver wings protruding from a shield with words “Air Warfare” engraved on it. A gift ring of this design would surely mean a lot to the recipient.

Gold Navy Rings

The Master Chief Petty Officer ranks as the 9th in the UNSC Navy and is a non commissioned officer. This agent earns this status by sacrificing a lot and working very hard. A ring dedicated to such an officer would come with a “crow” insignia same as that of the US. A gold one preferably would be a show of honor and respect for the dedication of the officer in the service. A ring with Master Chief and a name on the side are elegant.


If you are a senior Petty officer in the  Navy getting a ring that matches your status. This is very motivating. Senior Chief Petty Officers rings come in different color and material depending on the buyer’s taste and preferences. A gold and silver ring would look lovely and presentable. A senior chief Petty Officer just ranks below the Master Chief Petty Officer. They can have the same taste in the types of rings. Preferably an emblem of “Anchor up” or “Navy Chief Navy Pride” would do in these kinds of rings.

Navy Rings For Sale

Celestrium is a good choice for those who want to wear their rings daily. It is strong and more resistant to scratches. For those that want a ring to wear every day. Show your maritime devotion through custom made rings in Gold or Silver from Military Online Shopping.

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