Today you can design your ring online using our easy ring designer. For many soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen this is a welcome progress when it comes to purchasing your custom military ring. For many foreigners who have become citizens of the United States and have enlisted in the service they like to display their pride in the service.

Design Your Ring Online- Army

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Design Your Army Ring Online

One of the largest branches of the Armed Force is the Army. The Army consists of units, divisions and brigades and each one of these are identified by logos and emblems. The emblems are used to create images on the side shanks for custom made rings. They vary in color and size. Many soldiers like to mark promotions and achievements by wearing these military rings.

Design Your Ring Online – Navy

The Navy is the branch where you can be posted on land or sea. This depends on your position and rate. If you sail on on of the massive carriers you can expect to be away from home for up to six months or more. The opportunities to see the world is why many opt to enlist in this branch.

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Design Your Navy Ring Online

Design Your Ring Online – Marine

This branch is one of the toughest in the Armed Forces. The marines are one of the first to enter combat zones. Divisions such as the 1st Marine Division and 2nd Marine Division are historic divisions and you can read about their involvement in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

design a marine ring online
Design Your Marine Ring Online
Design Your Ring Online – Air Force

The soar high above the clouds and at the speed of sound the can be anywhere in the world within hours. This branch trains the very best pilots in the world and with pinpoint accuracy the can deliver a very deadly blow. They have been engaged in all conflicts in modern warfare.

design an air force ring onlne
Design Your Air Force Ring Online
Design Your Ring Online – Coast Guard

As with all other rings, we have emblems which will allow you to design a Coast Guard ring in silver and gold.

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Design Your Coast Guard Ring Online

When designing your ring pay attention to details and use the dropdown selector in the store. Remember to read the note about the side text. You can have two lines of text and each line can have nine characters including spaces. Here is an example, lets say you want to have John J. Carter on the side. This is how you would enter this information in the text box. John J. / Carter. The symbol / divides the lines. John J. will be on the first line and Carter will be on the second.

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