Graduation Rings designed to commemorate an important milestone in the life of a sailor, soldier, airman or marine. The most important elements of design, is to ensure that you display the name, date and branch details on the ring. Graduation is one of the most important days in person’s life. It is a day to remember and cherish for the entire life. It is the beginning of a new era. We all start making plans for this day all our high school lives. No graduation can ever be complete without a graduation gift. Graduation gift is important and most essential part of graduation ceremony.

Typical graduation gifts are no more in fashion. Graduation rings are trending. Personalized class or batch rings are taking the world by storm. Diamond ring, birthstone rings, sterling rings are preferred these days. This trend is not far from army graduates, air force, navy and marine graduates. They all follow the trend and make it even better. This is the symbol of devotion and dedication.

graduation rings

Navy Graduation Rings

Candidates willing to get admission in Naval Academy are to apply directly to the academy. Selected candidates or students in training are called as midshipmen. Their training is fully funded by Navy and is a 4 years course. At the end of four years graduation ceremony for passing out naval cadets is held at naval academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Naval graduation rings are the great piece of jewelry for the graduates and their families. These rings depict the personalized scene of achievement and accomplishment. Navy rings are designed in coordination with their work, uniform and their talents.

Graduation Class Rings

Sometimes, a class ring may also be given to a high school sweetheart as a symbol of devotion, or rings can be traded to highlight that the couple is “going steady”. Parents may also pass their ring onto their child; in fact, sometimes class rings are handed down through many generations. The ring is worn on the third finger of the right hand. While the student is still in school, they wear the ring with the insignia facing their body. However, upon graduation the crest is turned outwards so as to face the world the graduate is about to enter into.

A ceremonial act takes place before graduation wherein people who are important to the wearer rotate the ring on the finger. Everyone must turn it in the same direction except for the final turn, which should go the opposite way. The final turn signifies the moment has arrived for the wearer to go out into the world, and is thus done by someone who is particularly special to them. Although class rings may be expensive for the average student, they serve as a memento of the years spent at school, one which can be passed on through the family for decades. They are simultaneously a personal symbol of achievement and a communal symbol of brotherhood, and as such act as an important tradition to mark the transition into adulthood.

Army Graduation Rings

Cadets for military academy are admitted by applying directly to the military academy. Officers in training are called as cadets. Their fees are completely funded by military and they have to undergo a 4 years of coeducational training at West point. At the end of their course they are passed out through graduation ceremony held at West Point, New York. During their training they encounter various challenges and adventures, to remind them of the life they had and all the challenges and adventures they had to overcome to be part of something greater, special army graduation rings are designed. These rings will remind them of the beginning of their new lives.

Air Force Graduation Rings

Military academy for the cadets to be inducted in air force, have to apply directly to Air force academy. Graduates of the academy, undergo a four year academic training program, to qualify for air force. Their graduation ceremony is held on their passing out at Colorado Springs, Colorado US. Specially customized rings for air force academy graduates are designed to help them remind of what they have learned in all those four years.

Marine Graduation Rings

Marine merchant academy is one of the five service academies, located in Kings Point, New York. At the end of training graduation ceremony is held in honor of passing out students. Special graduation ring for marines are designed keeping in view nature of their training and struggle during the time. These rings are designed to be a lifetime for marines .balfour rings

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