Marine Creed for the men and women who serve in the United States Marine Corps. The Rifleman’s Creed, also known under the terms My Rifle and as the creed of the US Marine core, represents the basic notions of the Marine Corps general doctrine. Major General by the name of William H. Rupertus created the Marine creed during the biggest conflict in the history, the World War II. It is believed that the creed came into being somewhere around late 1941 or possibly even in the beginning months of 1942.

Since then, the Marine creed was to be taught to all enlisted Marines and they were expected to learn it by heart during their recruit training. After the end of the World War II, the creed saw some changes and revisions which made its contented more streamlined. But, the original version made by Rupertus continues to be the driving force behind ever version.

Marine Creed Meaning And Text

The first line of the creed opens with the idea of a marine’s rifle and the notion that there are many like it, but that this exact rifle belongs to that one particular marine. It goes on to declare that the rifle is his best friend and that is his life. Just like life itself, it has to be mastered by him.

The creed further declares that his rifle useless without him. On the other hand, he is also useless without his rifle. Because of this, he should use his rifle in a true manner. He must shoot better and straighter that his enemy who is trying to kill him. The creed tells the marine that he must shoot his enemy before his enemy shoots him. The Marine creed goes on to declare that he will do exactly this.

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The Marine And His Rifle

The creed point out that the marine and his rifle know that in war, the round they fire, the noise of their burst, and the smoke they make do not count. They both know that the things that count are the hits, and together they will hit. In the creed, the marine’s rifle is human, just like the marine because it is his life. Because of this, he must learn it like it was his brother. He needs to learn its strengths, weaknesses, parts, accessories, barrel and sights. He must keep the rifle ready and clean, just like he is clean and ready. This way, they can become part of each other and they will.

The ending of the Marine creed calls upon the marine to swear on it before God. It tells the marine that he and his rifle are the defenders of their country, the masters of their enemy and saviors of his life. This is the way that it will be, declares the Marine creed until victory belongs to America and there are no more enemies, but peace instead.

The power and the meaning of these words continue to echo in every generation of marines. Now, the same Marine creed can be purchased in many different forms as a powerful reminder of one of the most important relationships in a life of any soldier, but especially members of the US Marine Corps. Marine Corps Rings are one of the finest examples of pride.
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