military divisionsMilitary Divisions and units of the United States Army. Military Divisions and their locations throughout the Unites States. The United States Army has changed its organization over three periods: 1911–1917, 1917–1941, and 1941–present. These three periods brought major evolutions of the US Army division structure. In the 1911–1917 period the US Army had its first attempts at modernizing the division. The 1917–1941 era brought the first permanent divisions. The 1941–present era brought the specialized armored and airborne divisions. The US Army operational units are organized from the Theater Army down to Squads and Sections. 

Military Divisions of the US Army are:

  • US 1st Infantry Division, located at Fort Riley, in Kansas
  • US 1st Cavalry Division, located at Fort Hood, in Texas
  • US 1st Armored Division, located at Fort Bliss, in Texas
  • US 2nd Infantry Division, located at Camp Casey, in South Korea
  • US 3rd Infantry Division, located at Fort Stewart, in Georgia
  • US 4th Infantry Division, located at Fort Carson, in Colorado
  • US 10th Mountain Division, located at Fort Drum, in New York
  • US 25th Infantry Division, located at Schofield Barracks, in Hawaii
  • US 82nd Airborne Division, located at Fort Bragg, in North Carolina
  • US 101st Airborne Division, located at Fort Campbell, in Kentucky.
  • The integrated military divisions of the US Army are:

  • US 7th Infantry Division, located at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, in Washington
  • US 24th Infantry Division, located at Fort Riley, in Kansas.
  • The ARNG military divisions of the US Army are:

  • US 28th Infantry Division, located at Harrisburg, in Pennsylvania
  • US 40th Infantry Division, located at Los Alamitos, in California
  • US 42nd Infantry Division, located at Troy, in New York.

For years the one of a kind jewelry for the US Army provided a mean to commemorate the sacrifices and commitment of its brave members on active duty or reserve. For instance, the military rings for Armor Military Divisions are a distinctive way to show the pride of serving in this branch of US military. The military rings are jewelry items specially designed for the military personnel. They are custom made for different military branches, units and military divisions of the US Army. They honor the active duty and retired army personnel, their loyalty, commitment and sacrifices in serving the country. The military rings are one the most appreciated gifts for military personnel.

military service rings

Military Divisions Rings

The military rings can be fully customized with the unit or division insignia and the name and rank of the soldier representing military divisions. They can also include this is the branch and the dates of service. They can be made of white or yellow gold, gold valadium, silver, or silver valadium. The durable metals ensure that the military rings are resistant to damage or scratches. They are a very popular choice for those soldiers who are in combat zones.

The military rings for the different military divisions can be also personalized with emblems representing past conflicts such as the Vietnam and Korean wars, or past deployments to places such as Afghanistan or Iraq. Such a ring could be a perfect choice for a retirement gift to honor American military veterans of historic campaigns. Any customization for the military rings can be done online by adding the info you want them to display as well as any personal messages. A military ring can be a great family legacy that can be passed down to the next generations.

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