US Army Medical Corps Rings are for enlisted and retired Armed Forces personnel. The US Army Medical Corps is a non-combat branch of the US Army Medical Department. The Corps is made up of commissioned medical officers. They must have a state license and at least one-year post-graduate experience in clinical training.

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The caduceus is the branch insignia and is a traditional symbol of Hermes. It has two snakes winding a winged staff.  Since ancient times, the two-snake caduceus has been consistently associated with medicine. It was adopted in 1902 and started featuring on the US Army medical officer uniforms. This made the caduceus popular, and is now the symbol across the medical fraternity in the US.

US Army Medical Corps Since 1775

us army medical corps
US Army Medical Corps Ring

The US Army Medical Corps can be traced back to 1775. This is when the Continental Congress created and recruited the first physicians to work in the U.S. Army Medical Department. However, the US Congress officially designated “Medical Corps” in the year 1908.

Even though the Medical Corps are non-combat military personnel, they are often deployed depending on their function. They provide an invaluable support to combat, including combat support units who fight the actual war.

The department comprises every type of physician that can be found in civilian life, as the Army represents a cross section of society. This is the reason the US casualty rate has been low in every military conflict since the Vietnam War.

They are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that soldiers are in good health during combat exercises and field training, as well as their families in garrison.

As such, they deserve to be honored and appreciated for the work they are doing for the military worldwide.  Military rings for the Medical Corps represent the selfless sacrifices they make to provide health care to various combat units. Regardless of whether you served in an aid station or post hospital, there is a military ring for you.

The Medical Corps Ring

The US Army Medical Corps military ring can tell the story of the times spent in the military service. Since each person has a different experience and story, even if he or she served in the same unit as colleagues. Therefore, military rings are custom-made to represent the individual, military department served, and the experience while serving.

If you are a customer with no military experience but interested in purchasing a military ring as a gift. You can ask for assistance from professionals to ensure that you are buying the right ring that your loved one will not only appreciate, but can also be able to relate with. In addition, whether you are retired, in active duty, or a veteran, you can still design gold military rings with the caduceus, the branch insignia, to represent your times in the US Army Medical Corps.

Those who serve in the armed forces risk their lives to provide medical care to those who defend the country.  We think they deserve a special ring that sets them apart as selfless and special breed of people.

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