The USAF Band is one of the most versatile and respected military bands of the world. It consists of 179 members and it’s based in Washington, D.C. It’s primary mission is to deliver quality musical compositions, that inspire positive emotions to millions of people. At the same time the band communicates all the relevant information about the objectives for the defence system of US Air Force. The band continues the tradition of representing the US Air Force, by performing a wide spectrum of music. Jazz, popular, patriotic, classical and ceremonial music is mostly played.

History of the USAF Band

The band was first formulated on 24th September 1941, under L.P. Holcomb (lieutenant). The first commander of this musical organization was Alf Heilberg, who served the band till 1944. The first ensemble consisted only of 4 players, but during the next two year more musicians decided to join the band. By the end of 1942 the US Force Band was consisted of 100 musicians. That year the group began to travel throughout the country, by performing a range of music styles at various fairs and events.

Heilberg decided that the members of the band should wear a uniform. He designed a cap emblem by using the wings of pilots with a musical lyre. Actually this symbol remained the emblem of the US Force Band for many the years. The Band truly became the US Air Force Band in 1947, when the Army Air Forces were officially designated as the US Air Force.

Mission of the Band

The main focus of the members of the band is to give an inspirational insight into the American culture. This way they create better bonds between people around the globe. By using their amazing music, they try to bridge any differences between nations; like cultural and socio-economic differences. In fact their performances focus on inspiring and long lasting impressions of the US Air Force of the US. In addition, they honor all those who have served and inspire the American people to believe in patriotism.

Moreover, military service and represents the country across the globe. Today the commander to the band, Colonel Larry H. Land, who was born in El Paso, Texas, is responsible for all activities of the air force music. These activities include training, equipping and deploying air force music members, in order to perform around 1,500 missions per year. Many of the band wear Air Force Rings as a display of USAF Band pride.

Great Performances of the USAF Band

Throughout the years the USAF Band has performed in more than 50 countries worldwide. It also has more than 100 million people and has been also broadcast through radios and TVs from all over the world. The greatest year of the band was in 1944, when under the direction of Colonel Howard, the Band performed a major tour in eastern Canada. After the great success from this tour in 6 Canadian cities, the US Force band returned to the US. They were scheduled to play a command performance for President Roosevelt.

The last days of the same year, the commander took their band to perform its first international tour in England and France. Today, the schedule of the performances of the band is coordinated by the 11th Operations Group at Bolling Air Force Base. The music resonates with a world wide audience.

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