Adolf Hitler played a major role in the German military and also in the war. He was born in Austria on 20 April 1889, he ruled the Nazi party from August 2, 1934 to April 30, 1945. During his rule concentration camps were opened for the internment and torture of Jews and anyone opposing the Nazi party. Hitler was fearless and by most described as heartless. He was married to Eva Braun although not much is said about her.

Hitler’s German Military

The obscene amount of murders that Hitler and also his army are responsible for is called the holocaust. Some concentration camps had gas chambers which were used to commit mass murders on victims. These were normally Jews. Hitler took his own live by means of a gunshot on 30 April 1945 and his wife poisoned herself with cyanide the same day. This however has been disputed quite a bit and documentaries have been made to prove that Hitler faked his own death.

12 November 1955 the Bundeswehr was established, this was the new German military. The Bundeswehr is divided into two sections. The military part which is the armed forces also known as streitkrafte. A civil section which is the armed forces administration also known as wehrverwaltung. The military part is further divided into four branches. These are the army or Heer, the marine forces, the navy and an air force called Luftwaffe. There is also a joint support service known as streitkaftebasis. The joint medical service is known as the Zentraler sanitatsdienst.

In September 2015 The Bundeswehr had 176509 active soldiers. This made them amongst the 30 largest military forces in the world. The German military has changed a lot since World War II. With the co-operation of new allies they assisted during the cold war.

US Army Germany – Military Rings

Gold military rings were given to soldiers after the war. Rings are available to purchase online for all branches of the Us Military. These won’t be the actual rings from World War Two. A great piece of jewelry to remember the war and also all the men and women who fights for us daily. The Grafenwoehr military base is a major US army installation training areas that spreads over square 223km it is location in the Neustadt waldnaab district in a town called Grafenwoehr in Germany. On June 30 2010 the base was 100 years old and it is considered to be one of the largest military communities located in Europe with a population of over 6000.

The main post of the base in Grafenwoehr is located in the north. Vilseck military post is in the south and then the training area is located in the middle. Simulators is used as training methods in the 7th army joint multinational training command. The base is also used to use as training for military equipment such as tanks and weapons.

Grafenwoehr Training Base

In May 2012 an expansion to the base was completed which the amount was $1 billion. This has been one of the largest constructions in Europe since 1950. The military air field on base is used only as an assault zone and also because of its close proximity to the Ramstein Air Base. Short field operations simulations that takes place in the facility in Grafenwoehr. The facility has a bunker drop zone which is located in the training area and is normally used for airdrops, equipment, some supplies and also troop training.

There are future plans for the base which will include a chapel in Netzaberg which will cost $14.5 million this is located in the housing area of the facility. An emergency facility which will be a total of $20 million but will be a great add on. Four more barracks are being planned and they will cost $17-$19 million. A Photo-voltanic system to generate a more environmentally friendly facility is in the planning.

The German military has always been quite a strong force and with great and strong leaders they will certainly excel even further. The soldiers undergo a wide range of training scenarios to make sure they succeed when the time comes. The German military might be the most well-known and also has a very intense history sometimes a sad one as well.
us military rings

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