The USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier is also referred to as CVN 65. This aircraft carrier is the first one to contain nuclear weapons, and also the pioneer carrier to sail all oceans across the world. It stands as a majestic gem and military pride of the U.S. Navy having been commissioned to operate on Nov 25th, 1961. The navy machine had distinction of being the largest warship ever built by man from 1961-1970.

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CVN symbol represents US Navy’s hull cataloging identification mark, CV stands for aircraft hauler while N simply means Nuclear Weapons. Some American citizens have nicknamed it the ” Big E”  alluding to the energy, bravery, practical handling and enthusiasm it exudes while moving on water. The very first keel set in place for construction of this ship began in Feb 4th, 1958.

The Newport Shipbuilding Corporation had the mandate of building USS Enterprise. United States Military aircraft carrier USS Enterprise measures 1,123 ft in length with a flight deck of 257 ft wide. CVN 65 can accommodate a maximum of 5,680 people including both Air Wing and ship personnel.

Soon after construction, it was launched into sea without any form of armament but later equipped with a powerful 20 mm  MK 15 Phalanx Weapon System.  Furthermore, it was initially decided that the company should make 6 units, but high costs of building didn’t permit these plans to come to fruition. CVN 65 is a massive 93,500 ton vessel that 451.3 million USD to construct and only Nimitz Class Carriers are heavier than it.

The USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier Nicknamed

The war liner was nicknamed the USS Enterprise ship by Mrs. Franke William. She was the wife to former Navy Secretary. It made its maiden voyage under the leadership of experienced Captain Depoix in Jan 12th 1962.  Along with USS Bainbridge and Long Beach vessels, the ship was part of a special nuclear task force nicknamed the 1st Task Force. This team of navy soldiers went on a remarkable voyage round the globe without ever stopping for replenishment or refueling sessions.

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The  USS Enterprise aircraft carrier managed to cover 30,565 miles around the globe thus cementing its status as one of the toughest military water ships ever created. Between 1964 and 1973, the ship made a total of 6 active deployments within the South East parts of Asia. The carrier often returned back to Newport Dock for regular refueling or servicing.  In 1973, this vessel underwent professional upgrades to create space for landing and servicing of the  Tomcat aircraft.  It was then deployed to operate along the great West Pacific area.

The USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier in Battle

The USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier engaged in its first battle on April 1988 while escorting a set of massive Kuwait Fuel Tankers. The crew were ambushed by Iranian navy but were ready and gave up a spirited fight to win the war. This battle is ranked amongst the most ghastly battles fought by two countries deep in the seas.

Since its first success in war, USS Enterprise has been used in various other endeavors such as the Bosnia war.It was also deployed to the Philippines and Persian Gulf. It has also been active in overseas campaigns like Enduring Freedom  and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  In all missions it has proved its worth as a superior US fleet asset. Some of the CVN 65 crew members have received navy rings for their astounding service to the country.

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