History of the US Cavalry and some other useful information. The 1st calvary division of the U.S Army is located in Fort Hood, Texas and is currently commanded by Major General John C. Thomson III.  They have been proudly serving the nation since 1855. The 1st cavalry division had its formal activation on September 13, 1921. A combination of unique forces and served during World War II.

It continued on through the Korean War, the Persian Gulf war, Vietnam, Korea, and Vietnam. Others include the Stabilizing Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Iraq War, and in the current War in Afghanistan, Operation Iraqi Freedom, which began in 2001 and is continuing today. The us cavalry is extremely strong and a force above many others.

Training for The US Cavalry

The initial training for the 1st cavalry division is mostly conducted through a single Duty Station Unit. This means that they combine basic training along with specific job training during a single stay, and one instruction course. Once they have completed this, they will move on to more specific training in their unique field 1st cavalry divisionand become more intertwined in the 1st Cavalry division. The most complex form of training is dependent on where the soldier has advanced in their career and through their years of service. Hard work and dedication will help a soldier advance quickly through the ranks.

Air Cavalry The U.S Army also has an air cavalry. It’s a first line of defense when it comes to air attacks. They have the ability to directly engage in the enemy lines through air strike forces. The cavalry have the ability to keep on eye on a certain piece of terrain from the sky. This gives them precision when it comes to air striking. The horsemen are trained to hold of the enemy and keep foot soldiers safe in difficult combat zones.

US Cavalry Rings

In 1835 the first military rings were provided as a gift to the first graduating class of the US Military Academy. Since that time, the rings have been given to cadets at or during graduation. It is to signify the completion of their rigorous training and dedication. Now, the Army, Navy and Air Forces all give out these rings as a vital symbol of their achievements. They are held in high regard and a personal piece of jewelry that serves as a constant reminder of their dedication.

The U.S. Army or is highly dedicated to their quality of service. They have been proudly serving our country since June 14, 1775. They began serving during the first American Revolution. The men and women that serve our armed forces are highly talented and dedicated to providing the American people with peace and quality of life. They are currently the largest branch in the U.S Military, While the majority of their work is based on land, they have a phenomenal air calary that protects and serves us daily.military rings shopping

us cavalry

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